How to View Private TikTok Accounts 2023

Are you curious about how to view private TikTok accounts? In that case, you can take some practical steps.

Millions of users use TikTok as a social media app to share short videos. TikTok is a social networking platform that celebrities, sports stars, and other famous people used to interact with their fans. TikTok stars have private accounts sometimes, which makes following them difficult. There is no easy way to access them.

In light of the fact that we have summarised all the functions of TikTok, you might be curious about its features. Before diving into the details of “How to see private accounts in TikTok?”, let’s first get a clear picture of what private accounts are and what they entail.

What are private accounts on TikTok?

If you have a private TikTok account, no one can view your posts or stories unless you approve theirs follow request, because the TikTok algorithm can make any public account go viral. The advantage of having a private account is that you will not be able to share your videos or stories with anyone unless you approve theirs follow request.

The use of social media has been able to turn users into celebrities overnight in some instances. If you want to stay away from such undeserved attention, you must create a private account. The private account will prevent you from being judged by strangers, as well as allow you to feel exclusive. Most importantly, it allows you to stay away from unwanted attention.

There is no doubt that the moment you come across a private TikTok account, you are sure to wonder what content that user is posting on their account. Immediately, the question jumps to your mind: “How do I see a private Tiktok account?” Well, let’s see what the answer to that question is.

Is it possible to look at private TikTok accounts?

The most obvious reason for creating a private TikTok profile is to keep one’s videos and stories away from public attention. But more than often, you might find yourself curious about what someone has posted on their page. It might occur to you that you would like to watch their videos and stories.

Having said that, I would like to respond that it is possible to view private accounts on TikTok. However, a few of the methods of viewing private accounts might seem creepy. We understand that, “Curiosity is the lust of the mind,” so we’ve compiled a list of ways in which you can view the content of a private account on TikTok to satisfy your curiosity.

How to see private TikTok accounts

1. Follow the private account on TikTok

In order to view the stories and videos of a private account on TikTok, you must first search for their profile on TikTok and then click on the follow button. The user will be contacted and you will be sent a follow request. If the user accepts your request, then you can proceed to check out their account. However, this method may take a lot of time since the user might take longer than usual to respond to your follow request. So, be patient.

2. Use a Fake account to follow them

What if the previous method was not successful for you? What if your follow request was not accepted by them? There is a good chance that you can create a fake account and send them a follow request using it. You may think that this is a desperate move, but if you keep your account as authentic as you can, you will be able to get away with it. After the user responds to your follow request, you can watch their videos and stories freely on TikTok.

3. Searching on Google

Simply search for the username of a private TikTok account on Google to access it. Since most video content is indexed by Google, this method works. You can easily find a person’s TikTok private account videos if you know their username.

This method, however, will become less effective as more videos become private and unsearchable on TikTok’s main website and other websites. Using Google search may not locate their private TikTok account videos if you try this one.

4. Find Their Profiles on Other Social Media Platforms

It is also possible to view a private TikTok account by finding its profile on other social media platforms. In addition to TikTok, most users have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

In order to boost their channel and gain more followers, many content creators post their content to all of their social media accounts. Following someone’s other social media accounts might give you information about their private TikTok profile.

By using this information, you can access the profile page of the private TikTok account. If they don’t have a public account, you may be able to follow their private account.

5. Fanclub Accounts

It is also possible to view private Tiktok account videos without following them with Fanclub accounts. TikToker accounts are created and maintained by fans who follow their favourite TikTok. In order to gain more followers for celebrities, Fanclub accounts repost their content regularly.

Fans will follow whoever’s content is shared on those fan clubs as a result of the popularity of these reposted videos. As a result, their views increase.

6. Follow Them with Friend’s Accounts

You can also try using a friend’s account if you want to see someone’s private account, but don’t know them. A friend must know the person with the private account and have access to the content. This approach is unsafe and violates TikTok’s terms and conditions.

How to know if a TikTok profile is private?

Fortunately, there is an easy way to tell if a TikTok account is private or not. You can easily tell whether a TikTok account is private by simply not seeing any likes and posts. Instead, you will see a message that says, “This account is private”.

In addition to that, you will also see an additional message that says ‘follow this account to see more videos and likes’. You will also see some TikTok accounts out there that have the message ‘no content’ before the video begins to play.

Having a private account does not necessarily indicate that the user hasn’t posted anything on their profile yet, it may simply mean that the user hasn’t uploaded any content on their profile yet.


How to see TikTok private account videos without following?

To be able to watch videos on private TikTok accounts without having to follow the private TikTok account, you will need to use a third party, such as one of the ones we’ve discussed in this article.

In this case, you will have to request access to the private TikTok profile, and it may take weeks, or even months, for them to approve your request to gain access to it.

How to view Someone’s TikTok profile without them knowing?

You can log into someone else’s TikTok profile without them being aware of it at the moment by using the services of a third-party company, like one of the ones we have discussed above, in order to see their TikTok profile without them being aware of it at the moment.

Perhaps you are trying to keep an eye on what your children are doing on TikTok, or maybe you have an ex who you want to keep tabs on through social media.

In such a case, the last thing you want to do is to alert them to the fact that you are viewing their TikTok profile if that is the case.

It is possible to do it completely anonymously if you use a third-party company, such as one of the ones listed above.

How to look at private TikTok accounts?

I have to say that with the third-party companies we have discussed, it is very easy to be able to see a private TikTok account without having to request access to the private TikTok account first.


Hopefully, this article has helped you determine whether a TikTok account is private. It is possible to get to the crux of the matter using the process outlined above. Other social media platforms are also available for following your favourite video creator.

We hope you’ll find this article useful to view private TikTok accounts, so please share it with your family and friends. If you are looking for additional information regarding other social media platforms or TikTok, you can check out Legit Opinions.


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