How to Use WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices

How do I use WhatsApp Business with multiple users? Or can I use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices? WhatsApp has made an easy question complicated. The purpose of this article is to explain how to set up and use WhatsApp Business with multiple agents for sales, support, and marketing in order to solve the WhatsApp Business Multiple Users problem.

Business users are slowly but surely embracing WhatsApp Business as one of their most popular communication channels. Conversations can be conducted quickly, conveniently, and in a personal way with this app. Those who want to bring real-life shop experiences online will find that this is great news.

There are only four users who can use the WhatsApp Business application simultaneously. It may be necessary for businesses that receive a large number of WhatsApp Business messages to have more than that. Fortunately, there is a solution.

We’ll explain how to set up WhatsApp Business with multiple users in the following minutes.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users via the app
  • How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users via the API
  • Can WhatsApp Business be used on multiple devices?
  • How Hubo manages 1 WhatsApp Business number with 130+ store locations
  • How customer service teams manage WhatsApp Business with multiple agents

Are you ready to get started right away? Using Trengo, you can register for a WhatsApp Business API account within ten minutes and begin using WhatsApp Business with multiple users.

When your business expands, you need to hire more people to handle business operations. In such a case, all members of your team may need access to WhatsApp business. Do you know if you can access your WhatsApp Business account from multiple devices? Is it possible for multiple users to access the same WhatsApp business account?

Is it Possible to Use WhatsApp Business with Multiple Devices?

WhatsApp Business could only be accessed on two devices until September 2021. WhatsApp Businesses can currently be accessed on five devices simultaneously. However, this is insufficient for large-scale businesses with many messages, since there would be limited internal communication facilities as well as limited automation options.

In addition, you need more advanced technology to track team workloads and organization performance in large companies. If you used WhatsApp business via the API, you would be able to eliminate these issues. Therefore, there are ways to use WhatsApp with multiple users. We will examine them one by one.

How to Use Whatsapp Business on Multiple Devices

To use WhatsApp Business with multiple devices or users, you’ll need to join the beta program. It only takes a few minutes to complete this process.

  1. Go to your WhatsApp Business app first
  2. Tap the ‘more options’ icon next.
  3. Click on ‘Linked devices’.
  4. Select ‘Multi-device beta’.
  5. Click ‘join beta’.

Once you’ve joined the program, you can link other devices to your phone. In the ‘Linked devices’ section, you can also do this.

How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple agents via the API

WhatsApp Business API does not have its own interface. You’ll need a customer service platform like Trengo to use it. In no time at all, you’ll be set up:

  1. Get a free trial account.
  2. You can connect your WhatsApp Business number to Trengo
  3. You can apply for the WhatsApp Business API here

Within ten minutes, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp Business with your team. Trengo’s team will assist you in getting WhatsApp’s approval.

Adding users

Managing WhatsApp Business with multiple users is easy and fast with Trengo. It takes only minutes to add a new user, for example.

Users can be given specific rights, also called ‘staff permissions’, when they are added. There are four types to choose from:

  • Account admin (invites colleagues, checks statistics, manages conversations)
  • Supervisor (has the ability to manage conversations, and view conversation histories of contacts)
  • User (only able to answer messages assigned to them)
  • Light user (can only assign conversations, but cannot reply to them)

Automate conversations with chatbots

When customer service is busy, the job can be overwhelming. Before you know it, your response times are getting longer and longer. As a result, your customer satisfaction scores will suffer. It wouldn’t hurt to automate a little.

Trengo’s chatbot can pick up WhatsApp Business conversations, answer simple questions, and direct customers to the right colleague. Even if you work with multiple users, messages won’t be missed.

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