134+ TikTok Fairy Comments to Copy and Paste

Here are 134+ TikTok Fairy Comments you can copy and paste. Here is the most comprehensive collection of fairy comments on TikTok. The best collection of TikTok fairy comments is provided below.

In a short period of time, TikTok has gained immense popularity. You can do so much, from uploading video content to interacting with your followers. This is the perfect place to watch some exciting content. The site has become the go-to place for choreography and music videos for its users. You can find anything here, from the latest pranks to some fun videos.

Although everything seems amazing for the content creators, artists and fans, the comment section can sometimes be filled with negativity.

Have you seen the one-liner fairy comments that are posted right below the video if you have been using TikTok for a while now?

It is also possible for these comments to be hilarious. Since this social media platform is quite volatile, its comment trends tend to change from time to time. Although there is always a new trend that never fails to catch the attention of the audience, the fairy comments remained a trend throughout the year.

The question is, “what exactly are these fairy comments?”? In this article, we will discuss the meaning of fairy comments and when they should be used.

Sounds good, huh? Let’s begin.

What are TikTok Fairy Comments?

The fairy comment is a sarcastic one-line comment left under your video by your viewers. While the first few words of the comment seem innocent, the rest ends with an interesting twist that makes it quite entertaining and unique.

Over 500k likes were received in a short period of time because of this funny comment. Since then, fairy comments have become increasingly popular.

The comments might seem annoying at first, but they aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Fairy comments feature fairy or heart emojis, as you might have guessed from the name. These comments turn into something mean yet humorous.

As an example, someone can leave a comment on your comment box that “you look super gorgeous” and complete the comment with “but you’re not supposed to”. The beginning of the comment may seem quite exciting and cute, but the end might be brutal and mean, which could upset the TikTok user.

When to You Use Fairy Comments?

Although the comments are not intended to hurt someone, they are used as a weapon by opponents. TikTok users whose videos you do not support can leave a fairy comment at the bottom of their videos if you dislike their posts.

In addition to TikTok, fairy comments can also be used on Instagram. When a post is already filled with such comments, such comments should be used.

Today, it seems like Gen-Z users are pretty obsessed with fairy comments. There is a list of the fairy comments that could be pasted beneath the TikTok videos. Find your favorite comment and paste it beneath the video you dislike.

TikTok Fairy Comments

  • You dropped it, put it back on your nose. 🤡🥰
  • Don’t post negative comments. I can’t stop liking them. 🤩🤪
  • Do whatever you want, but don’t do this 💖🍃⭐️
  • You deserve a permanent nap, go take one 💖
  • Take a deep breath ✨💕🌈 now, and hold it. 💫🌈😉
  • Thank you for sharing, please do not share again. 💖🧚
  • Despite eating all that, I recommend starving yourself when you do. 💕✨
  • Don’t come back when you go, you’re going places 
  • Oh, just chill out, it’s all a joke like your life. 🥰👑❤️🧚🏼
  • I love the video! 💖🌸 Let’s see how it goes without you! 🌞🥳
  • Although dancing is a talent, it is not yours 😘☘️🙈
  • And I am pro-choice 💗🙈 because of you 🥰🧚‍♀️
  • Imagine if you were that talented. 😍❤️
  • There is fire, 💞💅🏻 but make it the dumpster ⭐️💕
  • No, not literally. 🍒🌋
  • The bath bomb I have for you is called a toaster 💫🧚‍♂️
  • I hope it blinds you ✨😌
  • Like Bob Ross said you’re an unhappy accident of 
  • But make it 🥰 end 🥰
  • Next time, I’ll make sure I scroll past this. 🌸🧚🏻
  • Perhaps men deserve rights, but not this one. 🧚🏻‍♀️🌸🌻
  • You did that, but I would be lying. 🦋💗
  • This is an exciting time! 🚪 💕 You’re locked in. 🥰👑
  • The throne is yours but make it electric 💗🧚‍♂️
  • Electric, Anna, but make it bold 🌷
  • You’re locked out of 
  • Cancer 🤩 is not the zodiac tho 💘😚
  • Be aware of the coronavirus 💖
  • My cat threw up when she saw this 
  • You’re showing off the goods and burning our eyes with the orange 
  • Jumpsuit, just make it 🍋 orange 🍋

Best Fairy Comments on TikTok

  • Don’t give up! Inject but make it lethal! 😻🥰🍋🐝
  • Do not give up! 🦋🌈🥰💓 But maybe give it up! 🧚🏻‍♂️💞
  • You should watch this video too! 🥰💕
  • I wish it had taken away yours 🙈🤩
  • But I’m glad you made it to the Tre now jump off of it People make mistakes including your parents so
  • People make mistakes 💖🦋 including your parents 🌼☁
  • Including your parents, we all make mistakes 
  • Thanks for sharing, I hope nobody else has seen it 😍👑
  • Because you stopped it. 💕🌟
  • Since I’m blind, I can’t see it 
  • Wow, my man is on this app. You made him delete it. 👑🧚
  • Shoot for the moon 😍🧚 and never look back 🥰💖
  • No matter how bright you are, it’s night time 💛
  • Ignore the hate comments, they’re not harsh enough 🧚🏼‍♀️💖
  • You constantly amaze me just as you do 🥀
  • I heard that love is an open door 💕 but for you it should be closed 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️
  • Perhaps you should keep your voice to yourself 🌈💎🥳
  • Because everyone has a talent 👛🦋💅 except you 🌸🤗
  • I never bully, but I will make an exception this time 😁💖
  • Because she’s jumping for joy.
  • Loved this TikTok, especially when it was over * 🌷🥰🧚🏻‍♂️
  • I swing both ways, but in your case, I think ✨😍
  • You tried your best 🧚🏻‍♀️ Stop trying 😍🦋
  • Loved this TikTok ✨💞 especially when it was over 🥺💓⭐️

Dirty TikTok Fairy Comments

  • Shoot for the moon 😍🧚 and don’t look back 🥰💖
  • But it’s nighttime 💛
  • Ignore the hate comments 🥺 they’re not harsh enough 🧚🏼‍♀️💖
  • Inhale but out of breath 🥀
  • I heard that love is an open door, but you should keep it closed 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️
  • You always amaze me 🌟🌌 just not in a good way 🌼🖤
  • I love your voice, but maybe you should hide it 
  • No one but you has a talent 
  • Normally I don’t bully, but I’m making an exception here 😁💖
  • I hope she’s jumping off a bridge
  • My favorite part of this video was when you scrolled 🌷🥰🧚🏻‍♂️
  • The other way violently ✨😍
  • And then stopped * 😍🦋
  • Loved this TikTok, especially when it ended 🥺💓⭐️
  • ✨𝓢𝓱𝓾𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴 𝓾𝓹✨
  • 🧚🏼‍♀️✨💕🌸😍 i have a chair for you just gotta plug it in first ✨🌸💕😍🧚🏼‍♀
  • There’s only one clown here 🌺✨🌸💞🌈it’s you 🧚‍♀🦄🦋🌷⭐
  • Happy birthday🧚🏻💖dont have one next year✨✨
  • 🧚🏼‍♀️✨💕🌸😍 i have a chair for you just gotta plug it in first ✨🌸💕😍🧚🏼‍♀
  • Usually e is for effort, but in this case it’s for execute🧚🏽🦋✨🤍
  • Omgg girly!! 🥰🍄💅ur on my fyp 🦋🙈💫 time to refresh 🧚‍♀💖✨
  • 💞✨🧚𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓮 𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓹🧚✨💞

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