How to Send Fake Live Camera Pictures on Kik

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to send fake live pictures in Kik to trick the recipient into thinking that you sent it via Kik’s camera.

A Kik user has asked you to send them a live camera photograph of yourself. Rather than sending your live picture in Kik, you want to catfish the person by sending a fake live picture by sending a fake live picture, here’s how.

Kik will tell the recipient that the photo wasn’t taken from the Kik camera if you select a picture from the camera roll and send it as a live picture.

You can fake a live camera picture in Kik by using a third-party app on your Android or iOS phone. It’s not right to send someone a live picture of you instantly on the most popular anonymous messaging app.

We are going to show you how to send fake live camera pictures in Kik, so the recipient feels like they’re getting it from Kik’s live camera. Here’s how to send a fake picture in Kik using a third-party app.

How to send fake live pic on Kik

In order to avoid being caught, let’s define the rules for sending a fake live camera photo on Kik. First of all, your live picture cannot be selected from your camera roll. The Kik app calls these live pictures for a reason — otherwise, it will tell you the picture wasn’t taken with the Kik camera.

Avoid doing it if you do not want to get caught red-handed. In order to trick the user successfully, you’ll need third-party apps.

For iPhone and Android users, these third-party apps are essential. There are many other features available.

When you are unsure of what third-party app to use or are afraid of doing it yourself, we recommend Gallery Cam or Fake Camera Kik App. Users of Android can trust these two third-party apps. In this way, an unrelated stranger can view a photo of oneself without having to send a real-life one.

AppValley is a trustworthy third-party software that can assist you with this task if you have an iPhone. However, these apps aren’t available on Google Play or Apple’s App Stores; you’ll have to download them from the official website.

How to send fake live camera pictures for Android

We’ve got two apps for sending fake live camera pictures on Kik. You can get one from Google Play and one from the website. These apps both work great for Kik to fake live camera pictures from your camera roll.

Check out both apps.

  • Lynx Remix App
  • Gallery Cam

Lynx Remix Kik app for sending fake pictures

This app makes existing pictures look like live camera pictures, so you can fool your friends. This app (Android/IOS) must be downloaded from the website.

Note. Lynx Remix App doesn’t yet exist on Google Play. It has to be downloaded from another platform.

Steps to use Lynx Remix App.

Plus: You must turn off your AdBlock and antivirus software before downloading the app. When the download and installation processes are complete, you can activate AdBlock.

Step 1: Download Lynx Remix apk version from Google.

Step 2: Install the app from the files once the download is complete.

Step 3: Use Lynx Remix. You will need to enter your Kik login credentials when you open the app.

Step 4: Pick a picture. Send the fake live camera picture on Kik by selecting it from the camera roll. Sending fake live camera pictures is an easy way to fool your friends or strangers. This application can also be accessed on a PC or laptop.

The same procedure applies to Kik for PC.

Using Gallery Cam to send fake picture in Kik on Android devices

The Gallery Cam app on Android devices is another way to send fake live camera pics via Kik. No rooting is required to download this app. Any Android device will work perfectly with it. Just download the app and you’re done.

Note: You can now download Gallery Cam using an APK Pure link since it is no longer available on Google Play Store. You will need an older Android device and an older version of the Kik App to install Gallery Cam.

Steps to Use Gallery Cam app

Note: It might be necessary to download the previous version of the Kik app in order to use it properly. The older version of Kik can be downloaded from the Uptodown website.

Step 1: Download Gallery Cam app.

Step 2: Install the app.

Step 3: Open the Kik app.

Step 4: Send Pictures. Once the app has been downloaded, follow the instructions to send a picture using Kik.

Step 5:Tap on the Live Camera Icon. Choose a camera from the list when you tap on the Live Camera icon.

Step 6: Choose the Gallery Cam App. Therefore, you should use Gallery Cam to send existing pictures that appear to be live camera pictures.

How to fake a picture in Kik on iOS

It is also possible to send fake live pictures to friends or someone else if you are using an iPhone. There is no need to jailbreak your device or harm your iOS.

All you have to do is download the “AppValley” app on your iPhone, and the rest will be taken care of by the app. AppValley offers an older version of Kik for free within its own app store. You do not need to download Kik Messenger’s latest version.

Quick Look. It is mandatory that you have both the original version of Kik and the AppValley version on your device whenever you use AppValley. You won’t be able to retrieve data from Kik if you delete the original.

We’ll see how to use AppValley on iPhones and iPads now.

Note: It is necessary that you have both the original Kik app and the newly downloaded one from AppValley.

Step 1: Download the AppValley.

Step 2: Tap on the Install.

Step 3: Give the app permission to run. Once the permission is granted, the app will be installed on your iPhone.

Step 4: Open AppValley.

Step 5: You can search for Kik and install it. Next, search for the Kik app in the search bar. Download and install the app once you’ve found it.

Step 6: Open the Kik App.

Step 7: Permit the app to access your data. The “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” message will appear after you open Kik.

You must grant permission to the app for it to run. The permission can be enabled by following these steps: device settings> General> Profile & Device Management> Henan Mobile Games Software> Enable Trust.

Follow the exact same path as described above. You may not be able to use it otherwise.

Step 8: Tap on Trust to allow access.

Step 9: Open your new AppValley-installed Kik app.

Step 10: Send A fake live picture. The final step is to send your friends a fake live camera picture via Kik.

Thus, any fake camera picture can be easily sent on Kik. Remember not to delete the original app; otherwise, it won’t work.

Benefits of using a fake picture on Kik?

Utilizing a fake picture on Kik has a number of benefits. Identity protection is a major reason for some of those reasons. Accordingly, people may use a fake image to hide their physical appearance, age bracket, or location from other people. 

There are some people who are reluctant to let others know what they look like based on their names when using a fake image to protect their physical identity. A fake image on Kik will appear when someone searches for that person, but the image will not match. Usually, this is done by people with secret or private Kik accounts.

In such cases, it’s common for people to use fake images on Kik if they don’t want to be discovered.  Kik users can benefit from using fake images because of location as well. People using Kik or other communication applications may prefer to keep their location as incognito as possible to avoid being located by certain individuals.

In this case, if your contacts know that you’re from a specific location and you want them to assume your location, you can always send them images that correspond with your alias. As an example, if you are from Florida and want to appear as if you are currently in Puerto Rico, you can take a picture near the Siesta Keys. 

Using fake life images as a practical joke on contacts is another trick some people play on their contacts. It’s an easy way to trick someone into thinking they’re talking to someone else by using a fake image.  As a sly and sneaky alternative, this is also a good option to use if you are trying to catch your spouse cheating. When a partner notices suspicious behaviour from their partner, they usually report it to the police.

You can search for that person on your own Kik account if you happen to glance across your partner’s phone as a Kik notification goes off, and if you can’t read the message, but you see the image and name, you can confront.

Fake profile images are also considered by some people to be a form of freedom. Any individual can become someone else on the internet irrespective of who they are normally. Changing your name, changing your location, making people believe you are connected to celebrities, or even making people believe you look a certain way is all possible.

The majority of Kik users would use a false image so that others would believe they were off the radar. For people who would like to take a break from constant phone calls and messages from friends and family, this can be helpful. You may want to consider this method if you wish to fall off the grid. Let’s discuss age lastly. Almost anyone of any age wants to remain outside their age bracket in our society.


Anyone can fake a live camera image. It’s possible to send fake live camera pictures on Kik from your gallery, if you’re meeting someone on Kik without sharing a live camera picture.

Kik will notice that the picture you sent is old, since you did not take any new pictures since then. It is possible to use a photo as life by using third-party apps such as AppValley and Gallery Cam. It does not matter if you are ugly or if you don’t want to show your face to a person – you can use this method to hide anything you want.

There is no virus or malware in the fake live camera app, so don’t worry about getting banned. It won’t block your account if you use the third-party app. Alternatively, if you are too scared, you can send a picture of yourself in real life.

Many third-party apps are available for send fake live camera pictures on Kik, and if the company didn’t allow them, people’s accounts would have been suspended. Nevertheless, these third-party applications are safe to use, so feel free to send someone a fake live picture that you just met through the app.


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