How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

You cannot easily find out how to see recent followers on Instagram. However, it is possible to track them down using a few methods.

Is it possible to see who has recently followed someone on Instagram? Previously, Instagram arranged your followers by your friendship history. The most recent friends will be displayed at the very top of the list. The converse is true if you scroll down and see your older friends. We regret to inform you that this feature is no longer available. Instagram implemented a random algorithm after June 20, 2021, that lists followers alphabetically.

The order of your followers will differ if you view your follower list on two different devices. Instagram has adopted best practices for its new feature. This article will also provide a guide on how to check someone’s Instagram followers using a third-party app.

The accounts that have followed your account recently are displayed at the top of the list, while those who have followed you for a long time are displayed lower.

It is possible that the follower list displayed on your Instagram account is totally different from another Instagram account. It is likely that the order in which the followers appear on another phone will be completely different. Instagram defaults to that setting.

If you follow the below techniques, you can still see the most recent followers on Instagram even though the new update wasn’t introduced yet.

By the end of this post, you will know how to see someone’s recent Instagram followers. Our discussion has covered nearly every method you might need to monitor an Instagram user.

Does that sound good to you? Come on, let’s get started.

How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

You can view his or her recent followers on Instagram by visiting their profile. On the followers list, you’ll see who someone recently followed on Instagram, with the newest followers listed at the top. Double-check the list to make sure recent followers are not at the bottom.

Virat Kohli followers list on Instagram

Note: Sometimes, if you check someone’s followers on the Instagram app, chances are you will get the default list and not the one in chronological order. Nevertheless, many people have tried using the browser version just to get the follower list in their selected pattern and it worked.

You can also check the recent followers from the browser if this method doesn’t work.

Here’s how you can:

  • Log in to your Instagram account on your browser.
  • Open someone’s profile by typing their username in the search bar.
  • The “Followers” tab is next to the “Following” tab.
  • It will display recent followers in chronological order.
Kohli followers

Seeing Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram: If you have been using Instagram for a while now, you may have noticed that the app displays a user’s followers list in chronological order, so you can see who someone recently followed on Instagram by going from the newest followers to the oldest.

Best App to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram


The Snoopreport app allows you to track the activity of over 100 Instagram accounts in just a few clicks, and it isn’t limited to tracking only followers. It shows you all the Instagram activity of your target, including people they’ve recently followed, the posts they’ve liked most, and so on. In order to access the data, you do not need to download the tool on your mobile device or enter your Instagram login credentials.

Within seconds of entering the target user’s profile, the app displays a list of their “New Followers” based on their recent followers and overall followers. Obviously, Snoopreport does not provide this service for free. A suitable paid plan is required to access the required data. You can track only two friends with the plan, which starts at $4.99 per month. Check out the sample report on the website to see how it looks.

Who was the first to follow you on Instagram?

In order to find out who signed up for your account first, you’ll have to work a bit. Rewind your notifications to the day when you registered for Instagram. You will appear on the Instagram account of the person who followed you first. Other methods of obtaining the information are not possible. Despite some apps claiming to show Instagram stats, they are completely fake since such features have not yet been developed. You must use the trial version if you want to track one user and follow if you want to track more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is someone’s following list ordered on Instagram

Instagram’s Followers and Following lists are really hard to understand, especially after the June 2021 update. The list is arranged alphabetically by name on profiles with less than 200 followers.

Can you tell who looks at your Instagram?

Instagram has not yet disclosed these things to users. Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone views your account right now.

How to know when someone followed you on Instagram?

When someone follows you on Instagram, you will receive a notification. It’s impossible to tell when someone followed you on Instagram from your follower list.

Does Instagram show followers in order?

Instagram’s follower list does not appear in any significant order compared to Facebook’s. There is no way to check the views of your Instagram videos. The Instagram followers list does not show who you interact with the most. Your recent followers can be viewed chronologically in your personal account.


Hopefully, these methods will help you find Instagram’s recent followers list. If you have trouble finding the follower list using the above methods, we recommend using KidsGuardsPro or Snoopreport. These are the paid methods, but they are safe and 100% authentic. In addition to providing you with a list of the user’s recent Instagram followers, these apps also provide you with detailed information about the user’s activities.


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