How to See All Comments You Posted on Instagram

Learn how to see all comments you posted on Instagram. The ability to leave comments on Instagram is nothing new. Eventually, you may start wondering where your mark has left.

It’s possible that you left a comment on an Instagram post in your feed. Then you want to permanently delete it. Suppose you lose track of the Instagram account whose post you commented on, and you can’t even recall its username?

It is fortunately possible to find your Instagram comments using three different methods.

  • Using your activity
  • Check posts that you have liked
  • Download Instagram data

View your interactions, navigate to comments, and change the settings so that your comments are sorted from oldest to newest. Along with your interactions, you will see your likes and story replies. That’s terrible!

How to see all comments you posted on Instagram

You can view your past comments on someone else’s Instagram posts in three ways.

1. Using your activity

Your activity feature lets you see all comments you posted on Instagram, as shown below:

1. Tap on the three horizontal lines on your Instagram profile. Choose your activity.

2. You can find comments under Interactions. It is better to tap on Likes instead of Past Likes if you want to, unlike your past likes.

3. The most recent comments will appear at the top of the list. Under Sort by, select Oldest to newest under Sort by to view old comments first. To filter comments, you can also set start and end dates. Click on Apply.

Instagram Comments

4. You can delete multiple comments by tapping on Select and selecting the comments you wish to delete. Click on the Delete button.

Select and Delete Instagram Comments

2. Check posts that you have liked

Like comments, Instagram allows you to check your liked posts. The same method can be used to find your previous comments. You probably liked the post if you commented on it.

You can find your favorite posts by following these steps:

1. Install the Instagram app on your device. Tap the three-bar icon at the top of your profile screen. Click on Your activity.

Check activity on Instagram

2. Interactions and likes can be accessed by tapping on them.

Check interactions in the activity

Go to Instagram Settings > Account > Posts You’ve Liked if you don’t see Interactions under Your activity.

3. This is where you can find all the posts you have liked and hopefully commented on. You can find your comment by tapping on the post you might have commented on. To find the exact comment in a post with thousands of comments, follow the steps at the end.

It is recommended that you try the next method if you did not like the post or could not find the comment using the above methods.

3. Download Instagram data

This method requires you to download your Instagram data. All of your past messages, comments, settings, and much more are stored in this data. To view your past Instagram comments, open the comments file.

Here are the steps in detail to use this method:

1. Open the Instagram mobile app on your Android or iPhone and go to Settings.

2. You can download data by going to Security and tapping on Download data.

Note: If you don’t see download data under Security, tap the three-bar icon on your profile and select Your activity > Download your information.

Download Instgram Data

You can download data from Instagram by going to Settings > Privacy and security > Data download. Request a download by clicking the button.

3. If your email address does not appear automatically, enter it and click Request Download. Your Instagram password must be entered. You will see a screen confirming that your data will be available soon.

Request Download

4. Wait for the Instagram data to arrive in your email. Click on Download information once you receive the email.

Download Information

5. Save the file to your computer or mobile device. You will be able to download the file in Zip format after downloading it. Extract the files within it using any Zip extractor. You can now open the extracted folder.

Check downloaded file

6. The extracted folder contains several folders and files. The Comments folder can be opened.

Click on comments

7. A post comments file (HTML or JSON) can be found inside the Comments folder.

Check file

Tap or click to open the HTML file in any web browser. On the page that opens in the web browser, you will see all your previous comments. Here you will see your username, the exact comment, and the time when it was posted.

See All Comments You Posted on Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you view all comments on Instagram?

You can check all your comments on Instagram using the “Your activity” option. Select “Your activity” followed by “Interactions”. Your comments can be viewed by clicking the “Comments” option.

How do I see my comments on Instagram stories?

Open “Your activity” and click “Interactions” to see your comments on an Instagram story. The “Story replies” option will now appear. Click on it to see your Instagram stories comments.

Why can’t I see my comments on Instagram?

You cannot write/view your own comments on Instagram because your comment violates Instagram’s terms of service. It may also be because your comment seems bot-like or you’re restricted by the user.

How do you hide comments on Instagram without blocking them?

Go to someone’s profile to hide comments without blocking them. Tap on the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner of the screen. To confirm, select “Restrict” and press it again.


Seeing all comments you posted on Instagram is quite useful. Your interactions with others are refreshed, and you can keep track of precisely what or whom you commented on. You can do this in three different ways.

It is easiest and most preferred to use the “Your Activity” data as a starting point. It’s easy to use and only takes a few taps to get started.

It is also possible to download your entire Instagram data and then sift through it to view your old comments. However, specific posts are not listed for each comment. Lastly, check out the posts you’ve liked.


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