Omegle IP Address Finder – Find Someone’s IP Address on Omegle

Do you think it’s difficult to get Omegle IP address finder? On the contrary, it is not as mysterious as it seems. You’ve met a stranger on Omegle, but do you want to know their IP address? It’s easy to dind someone’s IP address on Omegle. That’s what we’ll teach you!

These days, people are always on the lookout for cool and fun ways to connect with strangers while maintaining social distance. A good example of such a platform is Omegle, which allows users to talk with strangers without having to create an account. It’s understandable that you may wonder what makes Omegle different from other social networking sites.

Omegle connects you with strangers and random people based on your interests and likes. Omegle requires you to describe your hobbies and interests when you open the website. You are randomly matched with a stranger who shares similar interests based on the information you share on this platform.

Omegle does not require you to provide any personal information or verify your identity. The platform will pair you with a stranger based on your interests, with whom you can chat or video call one-on-one.

Omegle allows users to sign up only if they are 18 or older, and that too with a parent’s permission. Now, the question is “is it possible to track someone’s IP address down on Omegle”?

In terms of its downside, Omegle isn’t as secure as it seems. Chats and video calls can be recorded for future reference. Even if Omegle collected your IP address, it wouldn’t show it to strangers. Therefore, your IP address will not be disclosed to anyone else.

Is it possible to track someone’s IP address if the platform does not have a built-in feature for that?

Find Out Someone’s IP Address on Omegle

1. Omegle IP Address Finder

Go to the Omegle IP address finder by LegitOpinions to find an Omegle IP address. Tap the Find IP Address button after entering the Omegle username. Next, you’ll see the IP address of the profile you entered.

2. Grabify IP Logger

To track a user’s IP address on Omegle, you only need to send the IP grabber link over chat and ask them to click the link. This function must, however, be used carefully, as there are many people who already know about this IP-fetching link and there is a very good chance they will never get trapped.

It is best to engage the target in a conversation to build trust, and then share the shortened version of the IP grabbing link. The target must be interested in the website or post linked to this link. By directing users to a link that tracks their device’s location, this trick can be used to capture their IP address.

For this to work, you must make a target of your friend on Omegle, talk regularly to them, and send a link that says it’s something they might enjoy. Use a shortened URL to prevent it from looking suspicious. On the IP-grabber website, the user’s IP address will be collected.

Here’s how you can:

  • Go to Omegle on your phone.
  • Paste the Omegle website link into your browser.
  • Go to Grabify IP Logger.
  • Select Create URL from the drop-down menu.
  • A new tracking link will be generated.
  • Send the IP tracking link to the Omegle user.
  • Instruct them to click on the link to watch the interesting content.
  • Grabify stores the IP address when they click on the link, and then redirects them to the original site.
  • Go back to Grabify, refresh the page, and the IP address of the Omegle user will appear.

3. Use Omegle IP locator

There are plenty of plugins available today that allow IP tracking for all types of browsers. Some are designed specifically for Omegle IP address finder, such as Omegle IP Locator or SYNCRo Omegle IP Location. They are pretty easy to use. The Omegle IP Locator can track IP addresses. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Step 1:

Install the extension to the Omegle IP Locator download page and add an extension to your browser.

Omegle IP Address Finder Chrome Extension

Step 2: Start Omegle Chat

Using the extension, connect to any Omegle user and start chatting. Instead of text chat, you need to start a video chat. After that, the app will be able to capture their data.

Omegle Talk to Strangers

Step 3: Get an IP

As soon as you begin the video chat, your computer will receive the IP address of the caller. It’s just a tool that helps you capture it. So, when you start using the video chat, the extension will show you your IP address. Additionally, you can get their country, region, city, and optionally, their Internet provider.

Find Omegle IP Address

4. Use JavaScript Code

Use JavaScript to Find Omegle IP Address

Web pages are run using JavaScript, a programming language. Websites use it to display text, maps, graphics, and videos. JavaScript is used in everything related to videos. Omegle can be operated in a variety of ways, for example, by showing a person’s IP address using special codes.

Step 1: Open Chrome Development Tool

The Chrome Development Tool is a set of tools that you already have in your browser. You can inspect animations, and CSS features, use the console and run JavaScript with its help. Be sure to read more about Console use before using this tool if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Therefore, we should use JavaScript to our advantage.

  • Run Google Chrome.
  • Open the Chrome Menu in the top right corner.
  • Select More Tools.
  • Click Developer Tools.
    • or press Shift + Ctrl + J

Step 2: Open Omegle

Open Omegle and connect to the user via video chat. As soon as you connect, their computer will begin sending you protocols and the IP address of the user. You can do it with JavaScript console code.

Step 3: Run Console

Within Chrome Development Tools, a console allows you to run JavaScript. There will be a Console tab in the upper panel of DevTools, so we will have to click it to open it. Paste the following text into the Console window:

 Step 4: Get the IP Address

Using the code below, you can see the IP address and location of the Omegle user you connected to. Now all you have to do is copy their IP address and location information.

5. Use Omegle IP Grabber

It’s pretty easy to use IP grabbers and they’re pretty popular. You can create a special link with strings attached using these online tools. This link can be used to track a person’s IP and other details if you give it to them. Here’s how to do it with Grabify IP Logger.

Step 1: Select a Link

IP can be grabbed by giving someone a link and asking them to click on it. Therefore, it must be something interesting, such as a YouTube video, a song, or a meme. Everyone should find it interesting.

Step 2: Shorten a Link

Go to the Grabify website and enter your chosen URL in the special field at the top. By clicking “Create URL,” the tool will give you a shortened URL with strings and a tracking code. Save them.

Grabify IP Logger

Next Step

Garbify Link Information

Step 3. Send a Link to the User

It’s time for you to go to Omegle. You can connect with any user and get them to click on your link. Don’t send them all at once! Before sending the link, pretend to communicate with them, win their trust, and make them interested in it.

Step 4. Grab the IP

Go back to Grabify after the person clicks your link. The app will provide all the necessary information about the user after you enter your tracking code into the field at the top of the page and click “Tracking Code.”

Grabify Results

6. Use Command Prompt

The Command Prompt is a tool in Windows that allows you to enter commands and operate your computer. You can see the hidden information about other people’s IP addresses and locations by viewing the “insides” of your computer.

Step 1. Close All Apps 

Close all apps except your browser before using Command Prompt. Close all other apps in your browser and leave only Omegle open. Make sure no background apps are running on your computer. Because Command Prompt will show you all IP addresses connected to your computer, you must cut them off.

Step 2. Start Omegle Conversation

Go to Omegle and start a conversation. You can check by starting a video since that will most certainly send your computer the IP address it needs.

Step 3. Open Command Prompt

There are several ways to open Command Prompt:

  • From the Start menu, select Windows Apps, then click Command Prompt
  • Open Command Prompt by pressing Win+R and typing cmd.
Open Command Prompt

Step 4. Type In the Command

Type “netstat -an” in the Command Prompt to see all incoming IP addresses. The list of addresses connected to your computer will then appear. You will get the IP address of the person if you have closed all unnecessary apps.

Command Promtp - Omegle IP Address Finder

7. Use Wireshark

 Wireshark analyzes network protocols. Doesn’t seem so easy, does it? It’s not. A very detailed view of what is happening inside your network is possible with this app. With this app, you can do amazing things, such as grab someone’s IP from Omegle, once you get a handle on it.

Step 1. Download Wireshark

The first step is to download Wireshark. You can use it to analyze any network data on your computer by installing it.

Wireshark - Omegle IP Address Finder Tool

Step 2. Choose Network Device

You will see the screen shown in the image once you download the app. Select the network device on which you are and double-click it.

Step 3. Choose Necessary Protocols

If you choose a certain network, you will see that your computer receives a lot of scary packages. You can search for UDP by typing it in the search bar. Soon, Omegle packages will be among the few packages you see now on.

Step 4. Get to Know Your IP Address

In Wireshark, keep your IP address in mind when filtering unnecessary packets from the UDP protocol. You can open Command Prompt (see above) and type “ipconfig” if you don’t know one. Your IP address will then be displayed by the tool.

Wireshark Tool

Step 5. Establish an Omegle Chat

Open a connection with a stranger on the Omegle website. In order to obtain the necessary protocols, you should start a video chat.

Omegle Chat

Step 6. Analyze Wireshark Data

Look at your Wireshark window once you start a video chat. Some packets will go from some IP address to your IP address. These are the IP addresses of your Omegle users.

Wireshark Report


Omegle is popular now, so many wonder how to find someone’s IP address. Many ways exist to do this, including Omegle IP address finder plugins such as Omegle IP Locator. Chrome Developer Tools can also be used to change JavaScript code and get IP addresses. It is also very easy to grab links using IP Grabber. For more technologically advanced users, Command Prompt or Wireshark are great options.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I trace the Omegle conversations?

You can’t do it unless you use Grabify or another link grabber tool. Capturing video is much easier than still images.

2. Will I go to jail for finding someone’s IP address on Omegle?

It depends on the laws of your country and state, so be sure to check them first.

3. Can Omegle IP address keep your history?

This is unlikely. Information about the location, such as the country or Internet provider, but not the history, is available.


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