The Most Useful Android Apps to Have in 2023

We have listed the top useful Android apps for everyday needs. Because there are millions of apps available in the Google Play Store for users around the world. Whether it is games, health and fitness, innovative recipes, apps to improve sleep or various streaming services, it has it all. The best new apps are released every month.

Best android apps

A quick glance at the best Android apps to try in 2023. Most apps have been updated this year with advanced features for their free users. Let us take a look at seven free Android apps.

Adidas Runtastic

Adidas Running is one of the best Android apps for workout and running enthusiasts who want to track their fitness goals. The app allows you to log 90 different types of fitness activities as well as key statistics such as ‘calories burned’ and ‘duration’. Staying fit with your Android smartphone sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

This is followed by Listy, a free app that allows you to make lists of movies or TV shows you have seen, or even how much beer you have consumed. With this app, you can keep track of your meetings, schedules, and daily routines using a variety of different categories.


Listy is a handy tool and one of the best useful Android apps. You can use it to make lists of things, such as your daily tasks, your daily meetings, and your daily schedules, privately.

The Listy Team Android app is different from others on the Google Play store since it makes to-do lists for movies or TV shows you’ve seen, books or articles you’ve read, podcasts you’ve heard, food or drinks you’ve consumed, and more.

Listy stands out because it collects data from the web and features images and metadata of content, such as movies, that is performing well. User-friendly, the app meets the needs of every user. It offers a variety of categories and reminders.

There is no registration required for this free app, and all your information is only stored on your Android device. Additionally, it offers cross-device syncing, which allows you to save information from any app using the share extension feature.

Kwai Video Editor and Maker

The most popular free android app available on Google Play, Kwai, contains powerful video editing tools to enable you to trim, cut, and split videos on your device.

Social media vloggers will appreciate its video converting feature, which is offered by Olax Inc. The videos can be combined and merged according to your needs. An MP3 file can also be extracted from a video using the converter. More so, with the video compression function you can reduce the size of the video, thereby freeing up space in your phone, without impacting its quality.

You can use this app to make short videos in 60 seconds easily, which can be shared on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Kwai lets you edit videos by adjusting their speed, adding music, and creating a reversal video that looks magical. If you want to make your short video look appealing and unique, you can rotate or flip it. In addition, you can convert videos into photos using the app.


Previously known as Pixlr Express, this free Android app is a must-download if you love editing photos and creating collages in one click.

Easily capture a special moment and edit it with over 2 million combinations of filters, effects, and overlays for free! Alternatively, you can upload your images to Google Photos and let Pixlr do its magic with them.

Known as one of the best Android apps for editing photos, Inmagine Lab’s Android app has been selected as one of Google Store’s Editors’ Choices. A seamless experience is achieved through its intuitive features, such as Auto Fix, which allows you to easily adjust the color of your photos, or Double Exposure, which allows you to use layers, adjust transparency, and create a variety of effects on your photos.

More importantly, this Android app removes blemishes, red-eye, and whitens teeth in just a few clicks. The app has a mobile version and a desktop version that are equally useful.


When it comes to the top free Android apps, we can’t ignore this one for sure. Pointz is a great app for micro-mobility riders, such as bikers, scooterists, and skateboarders, who are looking for different routes to get to their destination.

This Android app uses crowdsourcing to uncover newer routes that may not be found elsewhere, which sets it apart from Google Maps. A feature of the app is the ability to assess the road surface and traffic directly from the home screen so that you can ride stress-free.

Traffic data such as speed limits, road surface types, and type of road (residential, commercial) are provided by the navigation app. Among its additional features is the option to choose between the fastest and safest routes.

Wiki World’s OpenStreetMap is utilized by the free Android app. The new app, provided by Pointz Mobility Inc, works well with your Android phone and has a lot of potentials.


We’ve added a free app for your mental health and wellbeing to the list. Exercises are provided for navigating negative emotions with the help of moodfit.

No matter if you are experiencing stressful emotions like anxiety or depression or if you simply want to track your moods, this Android app is designed to help you. It includes a questionnaire that determines how intense the symptoms are as well as articles and audio files that enable you to better understand yourself.

Roble Ridge Software LLC’s app lets you track your moods and discover what influences your feelings. Actionable insights and strategies are then provided to help you feel better.

Additionally, the cognitive-behavioral therapy section provides strategies for coping with negative thoughts as well as fine tuning irrational thoughts so that you can change your perception.

As well as the best features of the free tier, Moodfit’s paid version allows you to customize your own trackable items or activities. When using insight graphs, you can easily determine how far you are on your custom tasks


We offer unique, royalty-free music for your Android phone, so if you’re looking for a music streaming service, look no further.

Mubert lets you choose a music genre based on your mood, and AI-generated music is then played within seconds. Based on your preferences, you can like or dislike the music. After that, the free Android app will create a customized tracklist based on your preferences. The music can also be used in your YouTube, podcast, etc. content.

Designed by MUBERT Inc, its impressive design and interactive user interface make it highly appealing. It also allows you to earn money from your creations. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

If you would like to stream music for a longer period of time, the Android app also offers a premium version that offers great flexibility.

Adobe Apps

Adobe has some of the most useful apps available. Their useful Android apps typically range from photo editing to utility and include Adobe Acrobat (PDF reader), Adobe Lightroom and Photo Express (photo editing), Illustrator Draw (drawing), Scan (document scanner), Premiere Clip (video editing), and many more.

Some of these apps fill niches that other third-party apps don’t. Additionally, they are all good enough to hold a spot on our lists for all of them. You can download them all for free. To access all the features, however, you may need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Air Droid

AirDroid is one of the best useful Android apps. You can use it to connect your PC to your Android device and vice versa. You can share files, get notifications, reply quickly to a few messaging apps, and more. AirMirror and AirDroid: Remote Support are two plugins that add functionality in a variety of ways. It is one of the best ways to connect all of your devices.

This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. All of the features require a subscription. You can, however, try the free version first to see if it suits your needs. Pushbullet is also a great competitor to AirDroid.


CamScanner is probably the best app for scanning documents on mobile devices. The app lets you scan documents into your phone and convert them to PDF. You can then send that document through email, save it to your device, and even fax it for a fee. It’s one of the few apps in the Play Store that can do all of those things.

This app appears to check all the boxes you’d want in an app like this. If you intend to use it heavily, you can subscribe if you want to use most of the features for free. This is probably the best app in its category. Especially useful during tax season and for businesses.


IFTTT is one of the most useful Android apps ever created. An app that executes a set of basic tasks automatically. IFTTT is great for the sheer number of services, products, and other apps it supports. In addition to turning on smart lights in your home, saving images from Instagram and uploading them to Dropbox, and even working with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

It’s easy to learn and can automate a lot of otherwise tedious phone tasks. This app is capable of so many things that it’s absurd. You’ll definitely find it useful, we promise. It’s also free!

Google Assistant

Google’s app is one of the most useful apps ever. It contains two basic features: Google Assistant and Google Feed. Google Assistant answers pretty much any question, sets up reminders, turns smart lights on and off, and even finds songs or videos for you. Google Feed is a feed with tons of information, including weather, news, and entertainment.

Your search history and interests are slowly used to curate new content. You can also tailor it to your specific interests. Together, these two features and Google Search in one app are a powerful combination that few other developers can even match. The app combines Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Feed. Each of them is helpful.

Google Drive Suit

The most popular productivity app on Android is Google Drive and its suite of apps. Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Keep, and Google Photos are all included in the full collection of most useful Android apps in daily life.

With these apps, you have a full-featured office suite that includes a note-taking app, cloud storage, and a place to store your photos and videos. Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage. Additional storage can be purchased on a monthly basis. These are some of the most useful apps we’ve seen.

Google Translator

There is no better translation app than Google Translate, available on any platform. It has undergone several updates over the years, including the ability to use your camera to point at something and have it translated in real-time.

Additionally, the platform is powered by a neural network that makes translation even more accurate. Additional features include the ability to translate a two-way conversation in real-time. Microsoft Translate and a few other translation apps are getting better, but Google Translate is still the best.

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