How to Know If Someone is Online on Kik

Want to know if someone is online on Kik? Over 8 million people use Kik every month, making it one of the most popular messaging apps. It has many features, such as meeting new people, sharing web content, playing games, and more. When your friends are online, you can add them and chat with them.

The more we know about someone’s online presence on social networking platforms, the better, right? A text message is sent to them to find out if they are free right now.

Can you also see a user’s online status on Kik? We know you have the same question nagging at the back of your mind. What is the best way to find out if someone is active on Kik?

How to know if someone is online on Kik

You can find out whether someone is online on Kik by reading this section. However, Kik does not inform users whether they are online or not. At that particular time, it can be difficult to tell whether someone is available to chat or call.

It is important to note, however, that Kik is somewhat different from the social media apps you are used to. You can communicate anonymously with complete strangers using this app, which encourages anonymity.

Due to privacy concerns, the platform may not provide this option at this time. Now that you are aware of the platform’s lack of an online status feature, we recognize that you may feel there is nothing we can do for you.

The current status of someone’s online presence can be determined. Let’s figure out how to achieve this.

The SDR approach

Is Kik new to you, or have you been using it for some time? In either of the settings, you may have sent someone a message or two. During that conversation, you may have wondered whether the other person was online or not.

You still have a chance to send a message if you are among the group that hasn’t posted yet. Socializing, conversing, and interacting with others are the main reasons for being there.

Introducing the SDR approach, which we highly recommend for you. Using these three English alphabets, we can determine someone’s online status and what they imply.

Send is represented by the letter S. Sending a message to someone whose online status you wish to find out is done in this way. The first step is to send them a message through the platform. As soon as the message has been sent successfully, the S symbol appears next to it.

What does d mean on Kik? Delivered is represented by the D. The servers at Kik are delivering the message to the recipient. Messages displayed with this symbol have been received, but have not yet been viewed by the recipient.

Read is represented by the letter R. People’s online activity on the platform can be determined by this alphabet. As soon as the alphabet changes from D to R, the person has read your message.

Your message will appear with an R next to it. In addition to the fact that you can see who is online when you read your messages on Kik, we want to let you know that you can view who is reading your messages.

Starting a group on Kik

It’s not appropriate to message someone out of the blue every time we want to know how they’re doing online. This is one of the disadvantages of this method. The good news is that there is something you can do to improve it.

It’s common knowledge that Kik allows you to create groups, right? The person can also be included in a group you make on the site.

To determine whether the recipient has read your message, all you have to do is send it and wait for all the R symbols to appear next to it. By using this method, you can see someone’s online activity without messaging them directly.

Ask a common friend

There are a few things you can do if you want to know if someone is active on Kik.

Kik friends can tell you if someone is online on the app. You may be able to reach the person you’re trying to reach if you and the person you’re trying to reach are mutual Kik friends. Whenever you’re trying to reach someone, ask if they know if they’re online.

How to use the active user check on Kik

If you want to know if someone is online on Kik, Kik offers an alternative method. Advertising and marketing can use Active User Check to see how many users they will likely get in a group chat.

Activated User Check-in group chats are the only ones you can use. The R symbol in your messages will appear automatically when you use this feature since you can see how many percent of participants are active.


The methods mentioned earlier are the only ways to check if someone is online on Kik, even if it is someone from your friend list. It has not yet been possible to check the status of people on Kik, but it may be possible in the near future.

Did you find this article helpful? Email us if you have any other options for checking Kik’s online status.


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