How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile (Twitter Profile Views) 2023

It’s common for a Twitter user to wonder how to see who viewed your Twitter profile (Twitter Profile Views). Some things are easy to find out, like which accounts liked and reposted your tweets, but it is impossible to find out who viewed your tweets. In fact, Twitter Analytics is the only way to learn how engaged your profile is.

Twitter has risen to become one of the largest microblogging and social media platforms used by almost all big brands, organizations, and individuals. If you don’t use Twitter to get your daily dose of news and updates these days, you must be living under a rock.

With social media’s steadily increasing influence on our lives, the number of followers, likes, or retweets on your tweet has become the new indicator of popularity, relevance, and even success.

Getting followers is hard enough, but keeping track of them can be even harder. In order to curate content that drives followers to your profile, you should closely analyze which posts are well received by your followers and which ones are not.

You can receive notifications when someone likes your posts, retweets, and follows you. Unfortunately, there is no official way to know when someone views your Twitter profile.

Your profile engagement depends on knowing who viewed your profile, which tweets are most viewed or drew more traffic to your account, and how your audience engages with your content.

If you have enabled Twitter’s Analytics features, you will be able to see information such as how many people view your profile, retweets, and likes. There is no way to find out who viewed your Twitter profile.

Several Google Chrome extensions claim to tell you who has viewed your Twitter profile, but they are more often than not scams intended to steal your personal information. Such extensions should not be used.

In case you’re new to Twitter, this guide will help you enable the Twitter analytics feature, which provides you with key insights into profile visits, follower growth, tweet engagements, and much more.

In fact, here you will also find third-party tools that can tell you who viewed your Twitter profile.

How to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

Twitter does not allow you to see who viewed your profile. As long as you enable Twitter Analytics, you will not be able to see the profile names of the people who have viewed your profile. Twitter has decided to keep this information private.

Face it, most people want to know if their crush, ex, or boss is looking at their Twitter profile. Twitter Analytics shows you only your profile visits and details of your Tweets, such as the number of views on your tweets, impressions, mentions, etc.

No information is displayed about people who viewed your account, only the number of people who visited your profile. You can follow the steps below to find out how many people viewed your Twitter profile in the last 28 days.

Here’s how you can:

  • Log in to your Twitter account.
  • Click the More option on the left.
  • Select the Analytics option and you will be redirected to the Twitter Analytics page.
  • You will see the number of people who viewed your Twitter profile after selecting “Enable Analytics”.
  • The good news is that it works both ways. If you can’t check who viewed your profile, nobody else can either. There is no way to get caught stalking anyone on Twitter.
  • If you have a private profile, only people you are friends with on Twitter can see what you post. All kinds of activities, such as liking tweets or replying to them, will be hidden from the public.

There are other ways to find out who viewed your Twitter profile

1. Hootsuite

You can view your footfall on Twitter using HootSuite in a very calibrated and organized way. It provides accurate insights, trends for the week, the most popular tweets, the number of retweets, and the number of new followers, as well as the top follower who viewed your tweets or visited your profile.

With a user-friendly dashboard, you can keep track of your Twitter account with ease. As you grow in followers, your most loved posts and tweets, you’ll be able to see when your followers are falling. Based on this information, you can focus on content that has been popular with your followers and avoid content that has not met expectations.

HootSuite has an annual subscription and is well suited to business and professional accounts. Tracking profile views with HootSuite can be useful. Therefore, it’s impossible to be sure who viewed your profile. Instead, you should use them to your advantage.. Stay safe online!

2. Crowdfire

It is similar to Hootsuite in that it is a very effective social media management tool that allows you to gather valuable insights about the performance of all your social media accounts including Twitter, just as HootSuite does. It is possible to view insights post-by-post, view all the comments and likes, as well as find out how many people have looked at the post so far.

Every week, you are given a summary of your profile’s performance, and you can keep tabs on posts that haven’t done well in the past or the ones that have gained the most attention. Posts can even be scheduled or backdated and managed or edited conveniently here. Crowdfire has both free and paid versions, making it useful for both business and personal accounts.

3. ProfileVisitors

The extension is available for Chrome, and it can be added directly to the browser. The app plugs into the Twitter API and allows you to see when someone visits your profile. The only catch is that they must also use the extension and see it when you visit their profile. Moreover, most of these extensions do not work and pose a safety risk. As a result, you should keep them to a minimum.

Can You Use a Browser Extension to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

The browser extensions that claim to show who visited your Twitter profile don’t work. This is simply a random piece of coding that is designed to steal your private information by sending malware to your device. These apps should be avoided at all costs. There is a very good chance they will infect your PCs and mobile phones with viruses and steal your personal information for marketing purposes.

Some extensions claim, however, that they can show you the list of people who viewed your Twitter profile, provided they have the same extension installed on their devices. Additionally, these extensions are designed in a way that makes it nearly impossible to predict how they may use your personal information. In summary, you should stay away from anything that seems sketchy. Security is the last thing you want to be compromised.

Can You Use Apps to See Who Visited Your Twitter profile?

That is exactly what an extension does. Despite being installed on your devices, mobile apps are not secure. There are lots of third-party apps that claim to show you who has viewed your profile, but when you launch them, they either ask you for a deposit to begin working or redirect you to another app. Scary!

Additionally, you run the risk of getting your private information disclosed to the app unknowingly. If you need to collect statistics about your Tweets and their performance on Twitter, there are a few alternatives to Twitter Analytics. Other than that, there aren’t many options! Basically, these apps won’t show you anything more than your Tweets and how they are performing.

Is Twitter Analytics Going to Show Me Who Visited My Profile?

The purpose of Twitter Analytics is mainly to measure profile engagement and other types of demographics. Content creators, influencers, and owners of online businesses can benefit most from it.

Twitter Analytics does not allow you to see which accounts visited your profile on Twitter. Twitter Analytics can also be useful for a variety of other reasons. While you cannot see who viewed your profile, you can see how many accounts visited it.

Here is what you need to do if you want to see how many accounts visited your profile on Twitter’s mobile app:

  • Use your phone to open Twitter.
  • If you haven’t already, log into your account.
  • On your profile, click “More.”.
Twitter Home
  • Tap on Analytics.
Click on Analytics Button on Twitter
  • On the Analytics menu, click “Turn on analytics. “
  • Go to “Profile visits.”
Check Profile Visits on Twitter

You can enable Twitter Analytics on the desktop browser by going to the Twitter Analytics page while logged in. There you will find all the information you need regarding your profile engagement.

Additionally, Twitter Analytics tracks the number of tweets you post, the number of views or impressions you get, the number of times another account mentions yours, and your followers.

Monthly measurements are taken for all of these metrics. Additionally, Twitter Analytics will show you which tweet got the most attention and who is your top follower. Twitter Analytics lets you know how your Twitter campaign is performing if you’re using this social media and blogging platform to promote a product or service.

By analyzing the impressions and engagement rates, you will be able to determine which areas are successful, and which need improvement. Aside from that, you’ll get to know your followers better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to See Who Views Your Tweets on Twitter?

You cannot know which accounts have viewed your tweets. Your tweets can also be tracked by the number of accounts that viewed and interacted with them.

The visibility of your tweets depends on whether your Twitter profile is public or private. If you have a private account, you don’t have to worry. The only people who can see and interact with your tweets are your followers. Additionally, they won’t appear in search results.

A public Twitter profile, however, allows anyone to interact with your tweets. Your tweets that include a particular keyword may appear in search results if accounts that don’t follow you search for it. Some tweets might still appear in search results if your profile was public at one point, but then you made it private.

Is It Possible to Tell If You’re Stalking Someone on Twitter?

There is no need to worry if you use your Twitter account to view other people’s profiles and they think you’re “stalking” them. According to Twitter’s privacy policy, this type of information is not accessible to anyone. Many apps claim to let you know who is stalking your profile, but most of them are scams.

You shouldn’t waste your time or money on such an app if you’re thinking of downloading it. By providing them with your data and profile information, you will only be giving them your consent.

Manage Your Visibility on Twitter

Regardless of the social media platform you use, it’s normal to be curious about who visits your profile, and Twitter is no exception. Despite the fact that many browser extensions and apps claim to provide such information, this isn’t possible. Rest assured that anyone can view any Twitter profile without anyone knowing.

Bottom Line

Currently, it is impossible to find out who viewed your tweets, who stalks your Twitter profile, or any other information about individuals. Twitter Analytics allows you to analyze your Twitter metrics to learn more about your followers and engage with them more effectively. You can also see what Twitter users are talking about in different regions with the “Event” page in addition to your follower statistics. The tools you have at your disposal allow you to increase your Twitter reach even if you cannot find that stalker on Twitter.

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