How to Fix HBO Max on Roku Not Working

The long awaited HBO Max has finally been added to Roku. You can now watch HBO original content on your television thanks to Roku. The HBO Max streaming service on Roku has been causing technical problems for some Roku users. Here we have some of the best ways that you can use to fix HBO Max on Roku not working device.

There are a variety of OTT subscription services available, including Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. Recently, there have been reports of HBO Max not working properly on Roku. Some users have reported that HBO Max is not working on Roku.

It is nothing to worry about if you have been experiencing the same problem, and if HBO Max is not working on Roku. Let’s talk about how you can fix HBO Max on Roku not working in this article.

Why does HBO max not work on Roku?

If your Roku device isn’t working properly, there are numerous possible reasons. Corrupted files could be the result of an unstable internet connection, issues with Roku compatibility, and internet connection problems.

Corrupted Files: During the download, installation, or updating process, corrupted files may form. In most cases, HBO Max can be installed fresh to resolve this issue.

Compatibility issues: HBO Max is not compatible with all Roku devices. Be sure to check whether HBO Max is supported by any Roku device before purchasing it. You either need to purchase another Roku device or see if a new update will include HBO max if you own a Roku device that does not support HBO max.

Internet connection issues:  A bad internet connection will not only affect Roku devices, but also other devices. The Roku device needs to be connected to the internet in order to function properly.

How to fix HBO Max not working on Roku

1. Check the servers for HBO Max and Roku

Every online platform has servers behind it. The platforms cannot function without these servers. If the servers are down, the platform will not work and will be unavailable until they are repaired.

Roku and HBO servers are also affected. Is it possible to check the status of the servers?

Roku and HBO Max are not the only online platforms that Down Detector shows the status of. Check to see if the servers on the official detector website are working properly. If they are not, you can only wait until they are fixed.

Otherwise, follow the other options below.

2. Check your device’s compatibility

since Roku offers a wide range of products. HBO Max is not supported on all of them. Roku devices that do not support HBO Max by default must be replaced with devices that do.

If you would like to buy a Roku device that supports HBO max, you can either go to any popular online store or order it directly from Roku. Don’t forget to check whether your device supports HBO max, because if you don’t, you will regret it later.  

3. Watch another show

Sometimes the show you are trying to watch might not be available or the Roku team might be working on the page showing the details of the show.

You can solve this problem by viewing a different show. It is one of the simplest methods for fixing this issue. The only thing you need to do is choose another show, watch it, and see if there are any playback issues.It is the show selected before, not your device or anything else, that is causing playback problems. Simply wait a short while and try watching the show again.

4. Log in to your account again

An interruption during the login process can sometimes lead to some corrupted files. Simply logging out and logging back in will resolve the issue.

Re-logging into your account is easy. You can login to your HBO Max account by following the steps below:

  • If you are using Google Chrome or Safari, you can access your HBO max account.
  • Simply click on your profile picture.
  • Then click Manage Devices.
  • Find and sign out of your Roku device.
  • Restart the device.
  • Access your HBO Max account. Check whether the problem still exists.

5. Verify your internet connection

  • Streaming online services require a stable internet connection. This is also true for HBO Max. 
  • A minimum of 5Mbps bandwidth is required for HBO Max to work. You will face issues if your internet connection is slower than that. This can be resolved by restarting your router. The steps are below.
  • To restart your router, follow these steps:
  • Shut down your router.
  • Disconnect the power cord from your router.
  • Wait a few minutes.
  • Reconnect the power cord.
  • Start the router.

If the problem still persists, go to HBO Max.Please try the other methods given if this method does not work for you.

6. Restart your Roku

  • Everybody knows that restarting any device is one of the fastest and easiest ways to resolve any hardware or software issue.
  • It is very simple to restart any Roku device. You just have to follow a few simple steps.Here are the steps to restart your Roku device:
    • If you are not on the Home screen, go there now.
    • Select Settings.
    • Go to the System section.
    • Click Restart System.
    • Select Restart.Please try the other given methods if this did not work.

7. Reset Roku to its default settings

  • Data caching is one of the main causes of software problems. The software will suffer from problems if too much cache data is being stored.
  • Roku devices have a simple way of removing cache data. Here are the steps you need to follow.

8. Upgrade your Roku

The HBO Max app is only compatible with Roku 9.3 and later. If you are using an older Roku device, which no longer receives updates, you will need to upgrade it to view HBO Max.

 9. Disable VPN

If you live in the United States, you can watch HBO Max on Roku. Therefore, if you use a VPN to hide your location or for any other reason, you will not be able to watch HBO Max on Roku.

To fix HBO Max Not Working error on Roku, you need to disable VPN.

10. Check if HBO Max is down

It is possible that HBO and HBO Max are not working because they are simply down. Check the DownDetector site to see if anyone else is experiencing problems. A problem with your home Internet service may also be at fault, in which case you should contact your service provider.

HBO Max and Roku 3500x devices

The 3500x Roku stick model, which is owned by many Roku users, does not support HBO Max. HBO Max sometimes has difficulty loading content, then stops working and reverts to the home page.

For HBO Max to function properly on Roku 3500X models, there appears to be a need for more RAM and CPU power. If you have an older Roku device, you may need to upgrade.

There is little chance HBO will release a light version of HBO Max for older Roku devices. HBO Max will not launch before Roku develops a special app version that automatically clears the cache.


If HBO Max isn’t working on Roku, then you can follow these steps. The issue you are experiencing with HBO Max on Roku can be resolved with the troubleshooting steps we have mentioned. We hope this article helps you resolve the issue you are experiencing with HBO Max on Roku. 

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