How to Confirm if Someone Blocked You on Gmail

Check out this article to find out how to confirm if someone blocked you on Gmail. Have you been blocked by some of your most important clients in Gmail? Their email isn’t getting replied to, and chats aren’t showing. It has been a couple of days since you emailed them, and you have not heard from them.

What does it mean if you’re blocked in Gmail by someone else? It is possible someone has blocked you if they disappear from your contact list. It’s essential to look out for more signals, however, since a few situations can lead to these results. Gmail does not provide successful delivery reports, but if you fail to get your email delivered, Gmail will send you a mail back. Here are a few suspicious things that can indicate your account has been blocked.

One advanced feature of Gmail is the ability to block someone’s email address directly. Emails or any kind of messages from a person are not wanted. It is possible to block someone’s email address so you will no longer receive texts from them. How do you know if someone has blocked you on Gmail? How can you tell if someone blocked your Gmail account?

Is it Possible to Know if Someone Blocked You on Gmail?

There is no direct way to know if someone has blocked you on Gmail. The platform does not have a feature that lets you see who blocked you on Gmail, but you can still find out if your email address is blocked.

Any email you send will go into the spam or junk folder if you are blocked from someone’s Gmail contact list. You will need to check the spam folder for the person to see your emails. Your message might never be seen by the recipient.

Many people wonder why they don’t receive a reply to their emails. Most likely, the user has blocked you, which is why you are not getting a reply.

We will show you a few alternative ways to find out if someone has blocked you on Gmail.

Alternative Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You on Gmail

Google Hangout is a messaging app that connects to your Google Mail account. To send a hangout text to someone, you need their email address. You can check the target’s hangouts to see if they have blocked you on Gmail.

1. Send a Message on Hangouts

For PC:

  • Log in to your Gmail account on your PC.
  • Go to the Hangouts section at the bottom of the screen. By default, the most recent messages are displayed here.
  • Find the person who might have blocked your email address.
  • If you send a message to someone, they have not blocked you.
  • You are confirmed to have been blocked if the message isn’t delivered.

For Mobile:

  • Install the Hangouts app on your Android device.
  • If you think someone has blocked you, send them a message.
  • Your message will be blocked if it does not arrive.
  • It is unlikely that you have been blocked if the message is sent successfully without any caution.

It may not be comfortable for you to send them a text. They will receive the message if you have not blocked them in Gmail.

The following steps will show you how to find out if the target has blocked you on Gmail without texting them.

2. Add a Person on Hangouts

  • Go to Gmail on your PC or phone and open your email.
  • Tap the + sign next to your name in the hangouts section.
  • Refresh the page after adding the email of the person you think blocked you.
  • If they have blocked you, you won’t see their profile icon.
  • It is now confirmed that the person has blocked you.

You can be certain that you are blocked from their Gmail contact list if their profile icon is not visible.

If the recipient doesn’t want to receive your texts, they might block your Gmail because they think you are a spammer.

Regardless, once you are blocked, you cannot contact the person with the same email address. You can only hope that they find your messages in their spam folders. However, that rarely works. Therefore, your only option is to connect with the target through another Gmail account and convince them to unblock you.

Why is My Email Blacklisted?

The following could be the reasons:

1. Your Messages are Seen as “Spammy”

There must be something wrong with what you’re doing when a couple of people block you. A common reason is that your message is considered spam. Especially if you’re broadcasting emails without personalization.

2. Your Email Provider Has a Bad Reputation

If your email host is known for sending spammy messages, then you could end up being a victim.

Although it’s hard to tell if this is the case, it’s crucial that you choose an email service provider with a good reputation.

What to Do After Being Blocked?

You could send two emails to the recipients, convincing them that you are not a spammer. Ask them to “whitelist” you. You can ask your subscribers to add you to their whitelist if you run an email list.

Try changing your email service provider if you think they are spamming you.

Final Thoughts

You can be blocked in Gmail by someone. These two methods can help you determine if you have been blocked or not, even though it’s hard to predict when this will happen.

The receiver’s email hosting server may have blocked the email you sent, so it is bouncing back. A 505 error message will appear when this occurs. Learn more about the possible causes of this problem. 

Make sure you send relevant content to your recipients, personalize your emails, and use a service provider with a good reputation. You will avoid blocking issues this way.

Here’s how to find out if your email has been read by them instead of being blocked if you’ve tried the methods above.


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