How to Hide or Avoid Someone on WhatsApp Without Blocking

Read this blog to know how to hide or avoid Someone on WhatsApp without blocking. Blocking someone on WhatsApp is the best way to avoid them. However, if you feel guilty about blocking them, you can still try other methods of avoiding them on WhatsApp.

You get a seamless experience with WhatsApp’s privacy and security features. Whatsapp provides a wide range of features to make your experience as smooth as possible. A feature that improves user security is the block function. The feature allows users to block specific users.

If someone is harassing you, sending you constant texts, sending threats, or sending inappropriate content, you can block them.

Blocked people will never send you messages. Whatsapp does not allow users to text, call, or video call you, nor can they see your profile or status.

However, blocking someone isn’t always the best option for avoiding them. If one of your close friends is constantly texting you, you cannot simply block them because their messages seem annoying.

Instead, you will search for a way to avoid their messages without blocking them completely. What is the best way to accomplish that? It’s totally possible to stop receiving someone’s Whatsapp texts without blocking them.

Here are a few ways to hide or avoid Someone on WhatsApp without blocking. You’ll learn how to stop receiving WhatsApp messages without blocking them in this short guide. Here are some methods for stopping someone from sending you messages without blocking them.

Why You Should Stop Receiving Messages from Someone on WhatsApp?

Have you ever been added to a group where 100+ messages are exchanged in an hour? Has anyone ever texted you constantly after you gave them your number? Occasionally, people receive messages from users who send inappropriate content or harassing messages. They keep messaging or calling. In order to stop receiving these messages, it is extremely important to block their numbers or leave such groups.

However, blocking isn’t always the best option. It’s only a matter of time before the user realizes they have been blocked. Whenever they send you messages that show only one tick, they will know you have blocked them. You don’t want to look bad by blocking a friend or relative on Whatsapp, but at the same time, you might be tired of receiving those messages.

You can stop receiving texts from a user directly by asking them to stop sending you texts. That will, however, sound extremely rude. It will also affect your relationship with the user.

Here we will explain how to hide or avoid someone on whatsApp without blocking. So let’s start.

How to Stop Receiving Messages on WhatsApp Without Blocking

1. Delete their Number

This step may or may not work for everyone. If it’s a friend or relative, delete their contact and have them removed from your Whatsapp. When you don’t want to receive messages from certain people, this step works wonders. By deleting their number, you are letting them know you are not interested in receiving texts from them.

When you have deleted their contact, make sure you change your profile settings to My Contacts Only. Therefore, only people on your contact list will be able to see your profile photo and status. This is an excellent way to prevent receiving messages from the user.

2. Mute their Messages

This feature is the best for Whatsapp users for two main reasons. First of all, it doesn’t notify the person that their messages have been muted. Second, you will no longer receive notifications of their messages. Even if they send you a message, you won’t receive notifications.

Nonetheless, their chats will show up on top of your Whatsapp, reminding you that you have not seen them. Pin a few contacts to avoid that. It should work. Here’s how you can muffle messages from a contact:

  1. Hold down the contact you want to mute for a few seconds.
  2. Choose the mute icon at the top of the screen
  3. Choose the appropriate duration for which you’d like the messages muted.

There you have it! The messages the target sends will not be notified to you. Consequently, you will not be bothered.

For group chats, you can do the same. In groups where hundreds of messages are sent and received every day, you can mute the messages so that you won’t receive a notification for each message sent. By doing this, you can avoid certain people without leaving the WhatsApp group or blocking them.


Here are a few ways to avoid people on Whatsapp without blocking them. Blocking people from Whatsapp is not always necessary. You may want to mute their messages or delete their chats to avoid them sometimes. Obviously, you don’t want to ruin your relationships with people, but you also don’t want them to keep texting you all the time.

It is not clear whether WhatsApp will offer an official button that will allow users to block specific contacts without blocking all their messages.

These tips were intended for those who want to let the target know they don’t like constant messages. As soon as you start ignoring the messages, the user is likely to stop sending them. Hope this post helped you avoid people on Whatsapp without blocking them.

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