How to Give Space in Free Fire Name

Are you aware of how to put a space in a free fire name? You should read this post until the end to find out if you don’t know. The purpose of this post was to explain how to give space in Free Fire name.

Free Fire Profile requires players to add spaces because a normal space does not work in Free Fire Nicknames. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to enter a space to your Free Fire name easily.

Over the past few years, the free fire game has gained immense popularity. It is still played by a large number of people worldwide, despite being a controversial game. This game will put you on an island where 49 players will try to survive all the shooting that takes place. As long as possible, you should remain in the safe zone. Ultimately, the last man standing will win the game.

Almost everything about the free fire game seems exciting, especially for those who are interested in survival games and shooting games. One question that people often ask is how to give space when picking a name for the Free Fire. Every gamer wants a name that looks unique.

As mentioned above, one of the negatives is that there is no option to give space when typing the name. No matter how you copy and paste your name into the bar, the space will be removed automatically, leaving only the name with characters.

The space bar will not work if you try to add a space to the name. Our goal in this post is to walk you through the steps you can follow in order to add space to your name in the free fire game without any issues. You have come to the right place if you have struggled with typing your character’s name into the space bar. Here are some tips for getting the name right the first time. Let’s begin:

How to Give Space in Free Fire Name?

1. Unicode Space 3164

Open Chrome and type “hangul filler” into the search bar. Look for the small plain box right below the text “Unicode Character (U + 3164)” on the first website that appears in the search results. 

Copy the box and restart the game. Paste the plain box that you copied from the hangul filler into the box where you had to type your name.

You’re done! With this filler, you can give your name as much space as you like. Using the filler, you can create a new name or change an existing one without having to do any extra work.


  1. Install UnicodePad on your computer.
  2. On the right side of the screen, look for 3138.
  3. Among the many codes, tap on the blank code.
  4. Combine the blank code with other symbols.
  5. You can then paste it into the Free Fire name.

If you give a space in your Free Fire name, I’m not sure if it’s safe or not because some players will report you for cheating. Your account will be deleted by Free Fire as a result. Additionally, Free Fire really dislikes players who use bad tricks.

That’s how you add space to the Free Fire name. There is no difficulty in using this method. I would appreciate it if you could write your questions in the comments column at the bottom of this post.

2. Add Space to Your Name Using IGfonts

IGfonts can also be used to add space to your username. You can find IGfonts by typing “IGfonts” into your browser’s search field. Type the name you’d like to add to the Fire Name in the URL for the first website you find on Google.

In spite of the fact that this strategy provides you with a list of stylish usernames, make sure it only works with the Unicode space 3164. Therefore, you can choose a stylish name for your Fire Name profile, but you will have to use the above platform to add space to it.

How to Put Space in a Free Fire Name

Let’s see how you to give space in free fire name. A space cannot be added to your name in free fire by using your keyboard’s space button. We will use a website called “compart.” Through this website, we can quickly add space to our name. Make sure your free fire name has a space by following the steps provided.

  1.  Click on the first link that appears when you search for the term ‘compact’ in the Chrome browser. 
  2. Once you click on that, a new interface will open in your Chrome browser.
  3. Now scroll down a little bit, and you’ll see a box picture. 
  4. From there, copy that box.
  5. Once the box has been copied, open the free fire application on your device.
  6. Your free fire name will appear on the left side of the game once it opens. 
  7. You can change your name by clicking on your name and then clicking the name change button. 
  8. Also, if you have a name change card, you can change your name through it, or if you have diamonds, you can change it through them.
  9. The first step is to type the name of your choice, such as Lokesh. Then paste the copied box picture over there to add a space, then use the other word like a gamer. 

You can quickly add space to your character name by following this step-by-step guide. You can also use this to add a space to your free-fire pet name. To change the name of an old account, you must pay 390 diamonds. It is possible, however, to change your name for free if you have a name changer card.

Facts Related to Free Fire Names

  • A free fire name can only contain 12 characters. In Free Fire, you cannot create an in-game name longer than 12 characters.
  • Your free fire name can be changed as many times as you like. 
  • Pet names can also be changed in Free Fire. This option can be found in the pets section of the game. 
  • By adding symbols and designs to your name, you can make it more stylish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Spaces Can We Put in the Free Fire Name?

A free fire name can have a maximum of three spaces.

Which is the Best Way to Find Unique Free-Fire Names?

The best website for finding the latest and newest free fire names is Nickfinder.Com. This website can also be used to create stylish names for you.

Who is the Most Popular Free-Fire Player with Space in the Name?

There is a space In the in-game name of Legit Gamer.


So, these are the tips for adding space to your name in the free fire game. Whether or not you encounter any issues, please read this post once again and make sure to check out Unicode space 3164 to add space to your name. The trick will work on any device – whether you’re using a smartphone or a desktop.

This tool is completely free, so you can add space to your names in a variety of games. To change your name, you might have to spend diamonds.


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