How to Get Unbanned from Bumble

The article will show you how to get unbanned from Bumble. When you try to sign in to Bumble, do you see the message “You’ve been blocked”? You cannot get your account back if you have violated Bumble’s community guidelines. Is it possible that you did nothing wrong?

Bumble is the last ray of hope for lonely people looking to start a relationship in a world where online relationships rarely lead to anything. Online relationship seekers have made Bumble their go-to place over the years. In contrast to other apps of the same type, Bumble goes beyond just dating. Not only does it facilitate the beginning of romantic relationships, but it also offers a separate area for people who just want to be friends.

With Bumble, you can swipe people left and right, get matched with the right person, and if all goes well, even end up in a new romantic relationship.

In the event that you are blocked from using Bumble, however, your experience on the app could be ruined. It doesn’t seem possible to regain access to your account even though you miss the app.

Bumble bans are discussed in this blog. Find out how you can get unbanned from Bumble if you have been blocked from the platform. Keep reading to find out more!

2 ways to get unbanned from Bumble

It is currently possible to unban yourself from Bumble in two ways. There are two possibilities, one easy, one complicated. One of them works in almost every case and one doesn’t:

  • Bumble Ban Appeal
  • Reset your Bumble account

Bumble ban appeal

The solution is to contact Bumble Support and request that your account can be reviewed. Try contacting Bumble Customer Support and ask them to review your ban and unban your account, so you can regain access to your Bumble account. 

This method is only recommended when you’re 100% certain that your ban was accidental and you did not violate Bumble’s Terms of Service.

Here’s how to get unbanned from Bumble:

Step 1: Open your browser and visit Bumble official contact form.

Step 2: The first step is to select “Report a technical issue”. The second step is to select “Other” or choose the last option: See why I’ve been blocked.

Step 3: Fill out your Bumble account information.

Step 4: Under Bumble Mode, select the dating, best friend, or business option that is most appropriate for you. Next, select the right platform for Bumble: Android, iPhone, or the web.

Step 5: Under Step 2, explain how you were blocked in detail, without violating community guidelines. You may also include any other details that you deem pertinent, such as the date and time of your block. If you see a message while logging in, you can attach a screenshot of it.

Step 6: Select Send Message from the menu. You will need to enter the captcha in the box provided, and then tap on the Send Message button again. A response will be sent to you within 24–48 hours after you send your message.

Reset Bumble

Resetting your Bumble account is the second option you have. If you want to contact Bumble Support to lift your ban, the first method isn’t going to work for you 99% of the time, so you’re likely left with this option.

There is a detailed article on how to recover your Bumble account by resetting it, so make sure you take a look at it. Bumble resets work by first deleting your account and then creating a completely new one right after you delete it.

According to Bumble, after a reset, they do not ban, shadowban, or even suspend your account, unlike Tinder. The company will not allow you back on Bumble if you attempt to create a new account with the same login information as your old blocked account.

If I was banned by mistake, what should I do?

Feel free to reach out to Bumble’s support team if you think bumble account blocked for no reason. Fill out the support ticket form. Provide Bumble with any proof that supports your claim that your account was banned in error, and tell them why you believe it was done so.

You can also reach Bumble support on Twitter. @BumbleSupport is their help account, and you can reach them Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 8 PM, and Friday through Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM (Central Standard Time).

Which activities can get you blocked on Bumble?

Finding friends and partners online is easy with Bumble. When it comes to determining what can and can’t be done on the platform, Bumble remains very strict.

Every user must follow the platform’s guidelines to have an uninterrupted Bumbling experience. The guidelines are strictly enforced, and anyone who violates them will be blocked. You can be blocked on the platform simply by violating any of the community guidelines.

On Bumble, you can get blocked for the following activities:

Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior

Relationships are built on respect. At Bumble, everyone is expected to treat you with respect. It is possible to get your account blocked if you behave rudely, disrespectfully, or inappropriately with your match.

It is important to note that sending disrespectful or inappropriate messages does not necessarily mean sending hateful remarks. Furthermore, it might not seem the same to Bumble or the other person if you make sexual, racial, ethnic, or community-centric remarks that are casual to you. Don’t send anything potentially inappropriate, whether it’s text, emoji, GIF, picture, or anything else.


A rule of the online world that goes unspoken is, “Say no to spam.”. Spamming everyone repeatedly without their consent is not just bad on Bumble, but everywhere. Starting a conversation with something of your own is expected and encouraged.

Spamming your matches can get you a warning or even kick you out (blocked) of the app.

Trying to use Bumble as a follower-grabbing tool

Having an Instagram following isn’t the reason you’re here, is it? Bumble cannot help you get followers for your other social media accounts, so you are making a big mistake.

There is no reason why you cannot promote your personal activities on other social media platforms if Bumble is your platform of choice. Bumble blocks users who have social media links in their bios.

Commercial or transactional activity

Relationships can be built, and valuable connections can be made on Bumble. No commercial activities are allowed, including brand promotion, selling products or services, asking for monetary support, sending payment links or invoices, or any other type of transaction.

Illegal activities

Bumble can immediately kick you off for any illegitimate activity without a second thought. It can be banned from the app if you engage in any illegal activity in any way.

Bumble won’t tolerate you if you use it to buy, sell, promote, or solicit illegal goods or services. Bumble’s kick-offs (blocks) are most commonly caused by violations of these five guidelines.


We have explained how to get around bumble ban. Getting banned from Bumble is pretty common, just like Tinder and Hinge. Online dating can be frustrating, but getting banned is just a part of it. 

Bumble’s unbanning process is fairly straightforward. Hinge and Tinder are the same. You can’t do anything but move on and open another account when it happens. 

It’s really fun to use these dating apps, but sometimes things like this happen, and you have to figure out how to get unbanned from Bumble.


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