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Every student needs free Chegg answers to solve their assignment. During this quarantine period where all schools and colleges are moving towards online study, it is difficult for students to find answers and complete their homework. Most students are currently going through this challenging phase, and it’s the most important time in their lives to plan a career.

In addition, being a student is harder than being a part-time employee. Keeping up with the deadlines while maintaining the quality of the work is not a cakewalk.

While this is a challenging time for students, Chegg is a resource that provides expert assistance, and it has been designed to meet the needs of students worldwide.

Chegg is an American educational online tutoring website based in California that provides great tools, resources, and advanced technology to help students beyond the classroom. In addition to renting physical and digital textbooks, it provides online tutoring, homework help, scholarship opportunities, and internship opportunities.

From physics problems to chemistry equations, you can find answers quickly. Chegg will help you by answering your questions by copying and pasting.

Chegg is often the first place students turn to when they need help with homework or exam questions.

How to Get Free Chegg Answers

1. Free Chegg Study Trial

Sign up for a Chegg Study subscription if you want answers to any questions on Chegg. It costs $19.95, but you can cancel any time for free if you don’t like it.

There is no need for you to worry about the money because you can cancel the subscription for free. You will also not have to pay the $19.95 – You will get your money back.

If you’re interested in signing up for Chegg Study, you can cancel any time for FREE.

  • You can use your smartphone or computer to access the Chegg Free Trial page.
  • Click on the orange colored Get Started button on the Learn With Chegg page.
Chegg Website

  You will need to enter your e-mail address and choose a password to create an account.

Chegg Account
  • From there, choose a plan that meets your needs. You can choose between two plans for $19.95 (Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime for FREE).
Chegg Plans
  • Once that is done, you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
Free Chegg Answers
  • It’s as easy as that-once you complete the payment you’ll have unlimited access to Chegg answers.
  • Before the 30 days are over, you can cancel it for free, and you will not be charged $19.95.

2. Use Google to Find answers

Google, for obvious reasons, remains the largest and most popular search engine right now. When you search for a term with Google, thousands of results usually appear.

You can always search for the answer to a question on Google if you’re having trouble solving one. You can find answers from Chegg, Quora, and other sites similar to Chegg in the search results. It is simply a matter of finding the search result with the answer that directly answers the question.

3. Get free Chegg Answers on Reddit Groups

It is also easy to get free Chegg answers on Reddit using the Chegg answer groups. It is as simple as asking your question in the group and waiting for a response. The answer may take longer than 24 hours in some cases, but you will surely receive it.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Access Reddit from your device.
  • Click on the Sign Up button at the top right corner.
Reddit Homepage
  • Sign up using your email address or your Google or Apple account.
free chegg answers reddit signup
  • Pick a username and enter a new password.
free Chegg solutions Reddit username
  • Tap Signup to create an account.
  • Search for Chegg Answers on the site.
  • There are over 20,000 members in the “Chegg Answers” group.
Free Chegg Solutions on Reddit
  • Feel free to post your question there.
Chegg groups on Reddit
  • You will receive an answer from someone in the group.

4. Free Chegg Trial Account

There is a four-week trial period available for Chegg users where you can get free answers, learn about the benefits that it offers, as well as decide whether you want to buy a subscription.

You can take advantage of the free trial period to find out the answers to your queries free of charge. If the subscription is not affordable to you, you may decide later whether to take it.

If you have questions you cannot answer, a tutor can provide you with a solution. You can also rent or buy books, but not free books. It is important to keep in mind that in order to purchase or rent these books, you still need to pay the previous amount.

Chegg Free Trial is available in the following ways:

  • Chegg Free Trial can be accessed from a browser.
  • Simply enter your email address and password.
  • Select “I am a student” and provide your school name.
  • At the top, click your profile icon.
  • Tap “Add payment method” inside the payment info section.
  • You’ll receive a four-week free trial of Chegg premium when you enter your credit or debit card information.
Free Chegg Trial Payment Method

5. Best Chegg Alternatives

The Chegg website is not the only one that gives college students academic assistance. You can even get academic help for free from some websites. These websites can be very helpful for those looking for answers to math homework, essay solutions, and history homework.

  • Studylib
  • Khan Academy
  • CourseHero 
  • Slader
  • Quizlet
  • PaperHelp 
  • Quizplus
  • Sparknotes
  • Bookfinder
  • TutorBin
  • 24 Hours Answers
  • Paul’s Online Math Notes


You simply copy and paste the Chegg question link into the big Search box at Studylib without even having to provide your name or email address.

Sometimes AI or Studylib may return unrelated answers, in which case you can refresh the page and write your question into the search bar again. This will display only relevant and valid answers.

Free flashcards, research papers, and even documents are available for free from Study Lib. It operates on a freelancing model. Student like you can upload their documents to the website, allowing others to benefit from them.

Additionally, there is a chrome extension for Studylib. Using an extension is quite simple because all you have to do is download it into the Chrome browser and then search for answers directly without having to visit the website.

Studylib is a system based on artificial intelligence, so you won’t have to worry about waiting for answers.

Almost all subjects can be found on StudyLib, from Math to Biology to Chemistry to Physics. Unfortunately, as of now, no local languages are supported.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best free online education platforms that provides full access to a diverse range of topics and offers the ultimate alternative to Chegg free answers.


The Corusehero platform is an online education giant. Chegg’s primary competitor when it comes to teaching students is this website.

Coursehero allows you to have access to Notes, Essays, Documents, and courses. This will allow you to keep a copy of your study materials on your smartphone.

There are answers to all the questions in the form of PDF files. Coursehero provides study resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those of you who are seeking to obtain Chegg answers for free are more than welcome to use Coursehero as an alternative.

Tutors employed by this company possess a high level of expertise to give solutions to all of your study resource needs, and even if you are a tutor, you may apply for this position as Course Hero is actively seeking individuals to teach different subjects.


You can get free Chegg answers from the Slader website. To get an answer to your question, simply open the website on your device, then type your question in the search bar.

In either case, there will be an answer when you paste the question into Slader’s search bar. You can either copy this question from the textbook or create your own. You can also find corresponding responses to your questions here.


Students use Quizlet primarily to take quizzes. It is one of the best alternatives to Chegg, since it offers homework help, essay prep, and basic tutoring.

You have two options in Quizlet, one is a free one with limited resources that helps you with your homework and the other is the Quizlet Plus program that costs some dollars.

When you use the Quizlet plus package, you can get a free personal tutor who will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in answering your questions and also assisting you with your assignments.

When it comes to playing quizzes, Quizlet comes in handy in every way. The main area of focus for Quizlet is quizzes.

Quizlet differs from the other listed apps because it uses artificial intelligence and offers step-by-step guidance on how to answer difficult questions. Ai is the basis for the Web, so you can ask as many questions as you like. Artificial intelligence automates the whole process.


People who are struggling in exams or practicals can turn to PaperHelp for help. Similar to Chegg, but it works differently.

You can order essays, Online text sheets, Documents, and much more on paper help.07. It is currently also a paid service, but you can get some of the content for free when you register with your e-mail address. You will also find the prices reasonable.

Since it is not free like other Chegg alternatives, you will have to pay around 12 dollars to get essays relating to your subject. It is not very popular among students.


Quizplus will help you with customized search results, course-specific study sets, and homework assistance. This is a good option if you wish to move on and untangle yourself from a rut.

Quizplus provides a variety of types of assistance to students based on their preferences. There are various ways to get free access to Quizplus services, including subscribing to the service and being able to receive immediate help with your studies.

Users who sign up with Quizplus get access to five free answers across 30+ topics. If you use the search bar, you can find the questions you need, and you’ll get the first three answers free, and you’ll receive two more free answers when you sign up. It will allow you to get free answers, so you can decide if the quiz is beneficial to you and unlock it if you wish.

Additionally, you can use Quizplus’s upload-material feature, which provides users with free credits in exchange for uploading useful educational content to the Quizplus platform, enabling you to unlock quizzes for free and receive all of your desired answers for free.

I also found it interesting that Quizplus offers an affiliate program with cash payments instead of service credits. This is pretty incredible since students can make money with this program by inviting their friends to study. When you purchase new quizzes and use their tools and customized support, you can achieve your study goals.


The Sparknotes website offers a great collection of notes, and it is rated as one of the best platforms for creating notes online.

SparkNotes has a team specialized in making notes on the Internet. If you are in need of notes, you can visit them.

Sparknotes offers notes on everything from Shakespeare to Hamlet, among many other subjects. Students who study literature can also get free notes on their literature subjects through the Sparknotes literature section.

This is how Chegg answers can be obtained free of charge, as Sparknotes AI assembles all the paragraphs for you and delivers a ready-to-use note. You don’t have to pay anything for the services provided by Sparknotes, and all your online work can be done for free.


Bookfinder is a one-stop shop for people seeking new, used, and old books. Similarly, if you are looking for Vintage books, you can use Bookfinder to search for your books.

There are around 100,000 booksellers listed on Bookfinder who are able to arrange any book instantly. A simple click will allow you to search any book within Bookfinder and the search process takes only a few seconds.


You can always trust tutorbin for quality, even if it is not so popular. Tutorbin ranks 8th in our ranking of Best Chegg alternatives, but if you are looking for the highest quality work, you should always utilize Tutorbin.

We have a highly qualified and professional team here. You will receive the answer to your question as soon as you submit it.

24 Hours Answers

24 Hours Answers is a great alternative to Chegg because it gives you answers within 24 hours. This website is great because you can ask for help almost anytime. One can easily hire tutors and acquire free help with homework and assessments from most tutors.

You can also interact with your tutor live by paying a certain amount of money in order to solve your questions one by one in-depth. You can access live sessions by paying a certain amount of money.

Chegg alternative provides 24-hour tutoring, so no matter if it’s night or day you will always be able to get help.

Paul’s Online Math Notes

The best website for people who want to learn university-level maths online is this one. It provides solutions in the form of notes, which makes it unique among other online sites.

There are generally pre-written solutions on this site. There is no tutor working with Paul’s Online Math Notes, so you can’t ask questions directly.

There’s no need to create an account to use this site, which makes it more convenient than Chegg.

There is only one drawback for me, the Portal is purely for users who are looking for solutions to mathematics problems.

Chegg Premium Subscription Plans and Prices

The following is the current pricing and plans for Chegg’s premium subscription services. All subscription plans are listed by monthly period. Please review the following table if you are considering purchasing a premium pan.

Chegg Study16.95 $/month
Chegg Math Solver9.95 $/month
Chegg Writing9.95 $/month
Chegg Tutors48 $/month For 120 min
More package96 $/month For 240 min
More package30 $/month For 60 min

Products and Services

Chegg Study

Using Chegg’s study service, students can get textbook solutions and Q&A from the comfort of their homes. Students enjoy this service more than textbook solutions, as it enables them to learn with fun. Scholars can access 24/7 tutoring assistance from a knowledgeable study community.

Chegg Writing

In Chegg writing, students are able to create the most superficial notes by checking plagiarism in their notes and re-preparing them for spelling errors and errors in the description using their advanced descriptive linguistics scanner to eliminate any spelling errors and errors. College students will benefit most from this tool.

Chegg Math solver

Most students hate finding mathematics solutions, so Chegg’s math problem solver is their best ever. It teaches students how to solve mathematics problems by teaching them how to approach their equations and how a specific methodology is used to solve them.

Chegg mathematics problem solver provides college students with step-by-step explanations as well as elaborate explanations for finding answers to their questions.

Chegg Flashcards

Flashcards from Chegg help students to remind themselves of their learning and reinforce knowledge. This is a great service for students of all ages.

Chegg Books

Students can get textbooks through Chegg Books. They can also rent or purchase books. There is a 90 percent off offer on the books, as well as a 21-day return policy.

Chegg Tutors

Students can count on Chegg Tutors for quality academics with a wide variety of topics whenever they need it and is accessible 24 hours a day. Students will have advantages in keeping up with their study schedules. Chegg tutors offer comprehensive solutions to every problem and have a vast amount of experience.

Chegg Post

Chegg post provides students with a career center where they can find helpful career suggestions and take part in a more reluctant work environment than a regular job.

Chegg Mobile Application

Chegg is available on both Android and iOS mobile phones so students can access all their services anytime, anywhere.

Chegg Answers Premium Options

  • Scholars can learn subjects online for a deeper understanding.
  • Chegg provides students with reliable academic assistance.
  • Chegg has a community of student-teachers where students can discuss their problems.
  • This site provides plagiarism detection and prevention services.
  • Notes can be taken directly within the ebook. Once you have free time to review, you may open the Chegg eReader and read the notes.
  • Chegg eRead lets you highlight the notes in the eBook and review the critical points

Chegg Solutions: Why is it FREE?

Why choose us to get free Chegg answers? This is the most commonly asked question. Since the launch of this website, we have answered more than 4,500 questions and helped over 400 students every day. Chegg is based in California, so it’s basically an American website with a huge database of 4 million users worldwide.

Chegg is becoming more and more popular with dedicated tutors and languages all over the world. In recent months, Chegg India launched a website that helps students solve questions even in local languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and many others. It does this by providing students with answers that are based on thorough research.

With Chegg, you’ll always find the best and most relevant answers thanks to its researchers and tools that work together to provide students with value-added information.

In this guide, we will explain what the difference between a paid account and a premium account is since it is a paid tool that users want free Chegg answers without purchasing a premium subscription.

The website Chegg provides students with all kinds of help related to homework, tutoring, assessment-related help, and not only that, but Chegg offers scholarships and internships to students and tutors who excel.

Educators and tutors run Chegg, so there’s a strong possibility that you won’t get satisfied with what you get from Chegg and that’s why we recommend you get free Chegg answers first and then you can purchase a premium account if you’re satisfied.

The Internet is filled with lots of websites that can help you with homework, project work, and practicals, but Chegg is the best because it provides instant assistance and quality content.

If you compare free Chegg answers with paid ones, you will find that the two are the same. Chegg’s Answers are very easy to find as all you need to do is enter your question in the search bar and you will get a link to your answer in a few seconds.

You can also ask any tutor on the Internet if your answer isn’t available in the directory, so this is how you can Unblur Chegg answers link online free in a premium account.

As a paid service, not every student will be able to afford Chegg premium. Chegg is undoubtedly a one-stop-shop for students’ needs but, on the other hand, paying an amount for doing their homework might sound very challenging.

The following are several ways that you can use to get free Chegg answers in 2022 without purchasing a Chegg subscription.

FREE Chegg answers in 2022 exclusively from LegitOpinions

Chegg premium subscriptions are not available to everyone, as you might know. Therefore, we now offer Help through email. You will now be able to receive Chegg answers directly in your email. Our Chegg free answers toolbox requires you to enter your name, last name (surname), email address, and Chegg question.

You’re done! Once you enter all these details, just tap on Send and we will email you answers. Since we are already helping others out there, this process usually takes a couple of minutes. But you don’t have to worry, because we will always give you a detailed written reply.

No matter what subject you are looking for, you can unblur Chegg answers online free with our free tool.

Bottom line

We have tried to let you know about the methods of getting free Chegg answers for free as well as the alternatives of Chegg in this article. LegitOpinions and its beneficial forums have been discussed, as well as how to try them out. Furthermore, we discussed alternatives such as Course hero, Khan Academy, and Study lib which offer similar access to Chegg. 

Feel free to reach out to us via our comment section or contact form if you encounter any issues after that.

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