How to Find Network Service Provider from Phone Number

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides you with internet access. It is impossible for your computer, smartphone, Mac, or any other electronic device to work without an Internet service provider. Basically, an Internet service provider is a company that provides a network to users, much like cable companies offer subscriptions to television. You may wish to locate the IP address or ISP of a mobile phone for a variety of reasons.

Can you get information about the network service provider of the device by using their phone number? Here’s what you need to know.

If someone harasses you constantly or sends you threatening messages, you may need to find out the mobile network service provider. A person’s IP address may also be used to find them. In any case, it is possible to determine the mobile network service provider from the mobile number of the target.

The ISP or IP lookup tool can also be used to find your current network service provider. You will find information about your network service provider right below the IP address of your device. There is no easy way to determine the network service provider of a user just by looking at their phone number. In case you can get your hands on their phones, you can see these details. The network service provider information can be found under the “sim” and “about” sections of the device. There is no other way to find the current provider of internet services for smartphones.


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