How to Find IP Address from Text Messages

Have you ever needed to know how to find IP address from text messages but do not want to share your personal information? That’s why you should read this post! Today, most of us communicate with others via text messages. Approximately 30 texts are sent or received per person every day, according to a recent study.

It is likely that your phone’s contacts list will contain the IP address of the person you are trying to contact. Our goal in this post is to demonstrate how to get someone’s IP address without asking for it directly from their text messages. Be sure to stay tuned!

What is the most recent text message you received from an anonymous user? Has anyone ever harassed or threatened you through text messages? Many people receive such messages from unknown users. In some cases, parents find their children talking to a stranger they don’t know.

It may be necessary to track the IP address of the sender of these messages in order to ensure the safety of your loved one. Can you really track a person’s IP address from their text messages? To begin with, tracking an IP address is already a complicated process. People use it to spy on others or track their location just to know where the messages are coming from. When you don’t know the identity of the target, it becomes even more difficult.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you might want to know the IP address of a user before discussing the ways to track the IP address.

How Do We Abstract IPs From Text?

  1. The first thing that you do is open the Free Online IP Extractor section.
  2. Once you have opened this feature, then you have to enter the IP address in those text fields. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be extracted using the Free Online IP Extractor tool.
  3. After providing the IP address text, you should click on the Extract IPs option once you have completed the task.
  4. This tool extracts all types of IP addresses from the text and provides you with the results that you desire.

Why Do You Need to Track the IP Address of the Target?

The most important reason why you may want to track an individual’s location is safety. Maybe your child is using an unsafe website or talking to a stranger they don’t know. Especially via text, children can share confidential and sensitive information with random people on the internet. That’s why it’s important for parents to monitor what their children are doing on the internet and who they are talking to.

With the IP tracking app, you can strengthen your relationships and clear your doubts discreetly. You should not always ask the person who they talk to all the time. If you are tracking the location of someone, you should do so discreetly so that they do not know.

The only way to identify the person sending you harassing or threatening texts seems to be to track their IP address. It gives you the location they are sending these messages from, so you don’t have to guess where they are located.

Find IP Address from Text Messages

1. IP Grabbing Tool

The IP grabbing tool is the best way to discover the address of a user through their texts. The technique doesn’t require any engineering skills, but only those who can get their target into the trap are able to use it.

The IP grabbing tool websites provide users with a shortened link that redirects them to the website. Don’t directly drop the link into the message box, as it seems suspicious. Additionally, if the target is already aware of the IP-grabbing tricks, there is a high likelihood they will never click on the link to reach your site.

Engage the target in a deep and meaningful conversation for some time before sending the IP-grabbing link. You can tell them it’s an article or a blog post they might find interesting. Once they click on the link, their IP address will be recorded on the IP grabbing website. You can get someone’s IP address through text messages. That’s the best method.

2. Mobile Number Tracking App

If you know a user’s mobile number, you can track their IP address more easily. So, if they are texting or Whatsapping you, you will receive their phone number. Get detailed information about the person sending messages to you or your loved ones by entering this number into the number tracking app. It lets you know the person’s identity and where they are located.

The best thing about number tracking applications is that they provide you with detailed information about the people your child talked to and their call records. As a result, you won’t have to enter your child’s room while they are sleeping or taking a shower to check their phones.

For parents who wish to view the full message records of their children, third-party apps are also available. You will know who your child speaks to in your absence or where they go after school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Track an IP Address from a Text?

Use the IP grabbing tool if you want to find the address of a user through their texts. By clicking on the link, they will be directed to an IP-grabbing website where their IP address will be recorded. That’s the smartest way to get someone’s IP address through text messages. Can someone track you from a text message? Few people are aware, however, that a text message can be used to track a phone. It is possible to secretly check whether a user’s phone is turned on with silent text messages. It’s true, there are apps that let you send silent texts, and you can download them from the Play Store for Android.

How Do I Extract an IP Address?

How do I extract IPs from the text? Use the Free Online IP Extractor tool. Enter the text that contains IP addresses. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported by the tool. Click on “Extract IPs” after entering the text. The tool extracts all IP addresses from the text and provides you with the desired results. How do you get someone’s IP address from a text? To find out an individual’s IP address, first, invite him/her to chat, then open the command prompt and type “netstat -an” when the chat is active.

How Do You Track Cell Phone Messages?

Using the radio signals that cell phones emit constantly is the most common way to track them. There are two types of radio signals used for tracking cell phones: GSM signals and GPS signals. GPS signals provide more precise data on cell phones.

We hope this blog has provided you with some information regarding How to find IP address from text messages. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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