Snapchat Email Finder: Find Email Addresses from Snapchat

There are tens of millions of Snapchat users around the world, who enjoy this phenomenal social app. You might want to find email address from Snapchat if you’re promoting your business or just curious.

The absence of a contact section in Snapchat is a pity, but don’t worry. You can still find the Snapchat account’s email address. Keep reading…

Is it Possible to Find Someone’s Email Address on Snapchat?

If you asked about LinkedIn, Twitter, or another social media platform, we may have answered differently. Our focus will be on Snapchat, so we’re afraid it could be a bit tricky since that’s the platform we’re discussing. A major reason why Snapchat has made its way into millions of hearts is because of its privacy feature. As the pioneer of the disappearing snaps and messages culture in social media, this platform takes the privacy of its users very seriously.

This has earned the platform quite a high rank among the most popular apps globally. But can it be used to find the email address of someone on the platform that prides itself on protecting their privacy? You’re not going to like our answer, we’re quite certain.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. There are a few tricks and workarounds worth exploring when trying to find someone’s email address on Snapchat. Taking each of these options in turn, we will explore them in more detail below. Is this journey something you would like to take part in?

How to find email address from Snapchat

Because Snapchat does not allow users to get an email address based on their username or any other information, you cannot find someone’s email address from the platform. It’s going to be a matter of asking the person directly for their email address.

The email address of a Snapchat user can be easily found in the bio section of the profile if the user has created a public Snapchat profile and shared it publicly. Additionally, there are a number of ways to find the email addresses of Snapchat accounts for free.

1. Look at the public Snapchat Profile

If the user has mentioned their email address on their public profile, you can easily find it by searching for their username. Snapchat allows users to create a public profile, in which they can add either a biography or an email address.

Here’s how you can:

  • Install Snapchat on your device.
  • The username can be entered by tapping on search.
  • To view their public profile, go to their profile and click Public Profile
  • If you see an email in the bio, take a look at it.
  • In the absence of an email address, the user’s information will not be shared publicly.

2. Ask their friends

A close friend of the person may have the person’s email address if you can see their Snapchat friends list. The Snapchat app allows you to see your mutual friends and message them. However, some say that Snapchat’s privacy leak is real. The usernames of people can be used to find their email addresses. As much as we searched, we couldn’t find a way to find the email address, and that’s quite fair considering the email address is quite personal.

The only way to guess their email is to guess their username, but this is a very low-probability method. The reality is that there are tens of thousands of user-occupied e-mail addresses.

3. Talk to them directly

Directly messaging someone whose email address you want to know can give you their email address. If they have an email address, ask for it. In order for this to be fruitful, you will need a good rapport with them, or they will trust you. If you want to get an email address from this person, explain why you need it and why you need it. 

It is important not to force anyone to act if your reasons are not convincing enough. You may also be blocked from getting their email address in the future if they block your Snapchat username permanently. In other words, if you are successful in implementing this method, you will be fine. Nevertheless, do not spam their emails, or else you might get blocked.

4. Use Google Dork method

If you need help to find email addresses, you can use Google. By searching for certain dorks, you’ll be able to find them. On Snapchat, you can find someone’s email by following some patterns.

  • “{snapchat username}” + “”
  • “{snapchat username}” + “”
  • “{snapchat username}” + “@companydomain”
  • Examples: “@starboy” + “”
  • “Rock5321” + “”

There are even tools that allow you to guess the email address based on the username that you enter. All possible combinations are shown in this tool. All of them can then be validated using email validators. Using this method, you are highly likely to receive a perfect email.

5.  Check their Snapchat bio

Despite not being a common practice, some individuals, particularly influencers, are open to businesses contacting them via the email addresses in their bios. See if there are any helpful findings on the Snapchat user’s profile by scrolling through it.

6. Take a look at their website

There is a possibility that you may find a link to their website in their Snapchat profile or on their other social media profiles. You can usually find the contact email on the “Contact Us” page or the “About Us” page.

The email address can even be scraped using a bookmarklet script.

7. Use Swordfish Chrome extension

It is even possible to use a chrome extension for email finder, such as Swordfish AI.

It’s an excellent chrome extension that lets you find cell phone numbers and other contact information. When Snapchat doesn’t have the email, try using another social media profile. Other websites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, GitHub, Dribbble, StackOverflow, Bing, Google, and others.

Swordfish AI is unique in that it does not violate the terms of service of social media websites since it isn’t scraping them. A profile URL is only used to refer to a person’s data. You are then able to verify this is the correct person by using Google. The Swordfish AI also continuously accesses over 200+ network data providers in real-time in order to obtain that individual’s most up-to-date email address and contact information.

8. Reverse Image Search: Find email with Social Catfish

There is no better tool to find someone’s Snapchat email than Social Catfish.

This 6-in-1 social media finder allows you to do a search for a Snap username, and it will find that username’s email address, as well as other online profiles, current addresses, court records, marriage records, and sex offending records when available.

  1. Visit the official website of Social Catfish.
  2. Select a search type, enter the information, and click Search.
  3. You will receive a detailed report on the person you searched within minutes. Usually, this includes the Snapchat account email address.

9. Use Spokeo to find a Snapchat user’s email address

The Spokeo social media finder works on 120+ social networks and gives you the power to search across them. It would make a nice alternative if the former didn’t work. Spokeo can trace a username to a person’s true identity, scan their social networks and uncover a wealth of background information with a quick search. Usually, this includes the Snapchat email address.

  1. Visit the Spokeo Username Search page.
  2. Please enter your username and click the SEARCH NOW button.
  3. Spokeo will find matching results for you based on 12+ billion records. The report you receive will contain all the information you need about the person you searched.


Take a look at the above methods and try the ones that work best for you to find someone’s Snapchat email.

The email address associated with a Snapchat account may be useful in a professional or personal setting. Three methods are available. Our top recommendations are Social Catfish and Spokeo among Snapchat email finders.

The only thing you need to know is the person’s username (the person’s name, phone number, home address, or any other information that makes him or her personally identifiable). It will take less than a minute to get a full report containing the Snapchat user’s email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the third-party tool work to find someone’s email ID?

You can choose to use a third-party tool named BeenVerified if you are using a third-party tool for finding someone’s Snapchat email address in order to find their Snapchat email address. In addition to these tools, there are a number of other alternatives, but most of these do not work the vast majority of the time.

2. Can I see someone’s email ID on my Snapchat profile?

There is a feature on Snapchat that allows you to find someone’s email address directly from his profile if you’re looking for something like that. The person can be asked directly on the Direct Message (DM) for his email ID,.

3. How to recover a Snapchat account by username?

In order to recover your Snapchat account with just your username, you will need to go to the Snapchat login page and click on “Forgot your password?” after you have typed in your username. Then select “Via Email” and open the related mail containing a login link. To reset your password, click on the link and follow the instructions. Now that you have logged in, you will be able to access your account.

4. How to find an old Snapchat account?

If you have not yet deleted your old Snapchat account, you can easily find it with the help of the username and password that used to be associated with it, if you haven’t already. In case you forget the password for your old Snapchat account, you can easily use the “Forgot your password?” option to reset your old account; all you need to do is visit the Snapchat login page and click on the drop-down menu.


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