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Occasionally, you may need to email your partner or potential client, but you only have their phone number, not their email address. So how do you find someone’s email address by phone number? Pick up your phone, call the person, and ask for the email address. It’s certainly a quick and easy way. 

There are still a few tricks you can use to find someone’s email address if making a phone call is not convenient for you, or if the person isn’t available. Continue reading to learn more.

Use search engines

You can try to find someone’s email address by searching for a phone number on a search engine, such as Google or Bing. Scrutinizing the search results will take time and effort.

Using Google to Find Email Address by Phone Number

Search results will provide you with your target’s phone number and email address if they are present on any open website. However, some numbers cannot be found on search engines. Try searching on social media if you don’t find anything with a Google/Bing search.

Check social media profile

You can also find contact information about your target person on social media platforms. Nowadays, people tend to create their social media profiles using their phone numbers. If you search for a phone number on a site like Facebook, then the platform will display all the profiles associated with that number. Chances are that you will be able to find your target’s email address on their social media account if you can locate their social media accounts.

Use Social media to Find Email Address by Phone Number

Social media platforms are not accessible to everyone, which is a downside to this method. If searching social media doesn’t work, you can try reverse phone lookup tools.

Use reverse phone lookup tools

With a reverse phone lookup, you can find out all the details associated with a phone number, such as the owner’s name, address, email address, or social media profile. Therefore, if you have the target’s phone number, you might be able to find their email address using reverse phone lookup tools. Below are some of the tools we recommend:


Users can use BeenVerified to search for people by name, phone number, address, email address, or username. BeenVerified’s Phone Lookup searches billions of public records for information about the phone number. You might also uncover more contact information, such as email addresses, home addresses, or social media profiles.

Use BeenVerified to Find Email Address by Phone Number

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit BeenVerified’s phone lookup page.
  • Provide a phone number and click SEARCH.
Reverse Phone Lookup to Find Email Address by Phone Number
  • BeenVerified will search the databases. When you’re done, you’ll see all the details associated with the number. Likewise, if the owner of the phone number has an email address, you will see it in the report.
BeenVerified Dashboard


One of the most reliable people search services is Intellius. Users can search for people, phone numbers, addresses, background checks, criminal records, and other information. It will comb through its database to offer you a confidential report that contains, when available: the owner’s name, email, address history, age, phone type and carrier, etc.


To look up a phone number:

  • Within moments, Intelius will provide you with a detailed report, from which you may find out the owner’s email address.


PeopleLooker is a people search engine whose mission is to provide people with easy and affordable access to public records. PeopleLooker’s Phone Number Search scours millions of public records to gather as much information as possible. Email addresses, other phone numbers, current and past addresses, social media profiles, etc. may be included.

Use PeopleLooker to Find Email Address by Phone Number

To search for a phone number:

  • Go to the PeopleLooker Phone Number Search page.
  • Enter a phone number and tap Search.
  • PeopleLooker scans its database for information about the person behind a phone number. Email addresses can be found in the report.


One of the most popular search engines for people in the United States is Spokeo. Using Spokeo’s Reverse Phone Search, users can sift through billions of phone directories and white page records to find and report back on the owner’s name and details when available.


How to do a reverse phone search:

  • Visit Spokeo’s reverse phone lookup page.
  • Enter the phone number and click SEARCH NOW.
  • View the details of that phone number by selecting VIEW DETAILS. You may find the target’s email address if you’re lucky.

Reach out on Twitter

You can send short messages on Twitter.

The downside is that the messages are limited to 280 characters. If 280 characters aren’t enough for what you’re trying to say, simply ask for their email address. Many people do this successfully.

Reach Out on Twitter to Find Email Address by Phone Number

Ensure you use a real, personal Twitter profile and give them a compelling reason to respond. Engaging with your prospects via social media is smart before sending initial or follow-up emails

Use a special search engine

The general search engine Google is useful for searching lots of websites at once, but there are also people’s search engines that specialize in looking up email addresses.

Some of these engines let you search by email address to find out who it belongs to.

Others allow you to search using something else like a home address, name, username, or phone number, and then they tell you the email addresses associated with the person.

Phone directory sites

Free listings are available on a variety of online directories. Two well-known directories are Whitepages and ZabaSearch. Most directories require a person’s name, not an email address, but if you know the person’s name or can figure it out from their email address, these directories can be helpful. Many people share the same name, so tread lightly when using numbers from these sites until you know the number belongs to the person you want to contact.

Try more search options

If you want to find someone’s email address, you might need to use other search options besides reverse phone lookup. One option is a name search. Enter the person’s name into the search box and click Search to find out their phone number, email address, location history, social media accounts, and more!
Usernames can also be used to search. A Username Search may reveal the owner’s full name, age, phone number, email address, and other social media accounts!

Bottom Line

There are several ways to find someone’s email address and you can use any of them. You can find someone’s email address using Google and social media sites for free, but it doesn’t always work. Try using a people search engine like BeenVerified, Intelius, PeopleLooker, or Spokeo to find people. hope you get to benefit from the article you can read more informational content on LegitOpinions about tech and other stuff.

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