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All devices connected to the internet have their own unique IP address. The Discord chat platform is a popular choice for gamers and business professionals alike. The majority of the questions users post on Discord are about Discord IP address finder.

Getting someone’s IP on Discord is useful in many situations. Nevertheless, not everyone is aware of how to do this. There is a common misconception that Discord has its own servers, therefore you can’t get a person’s IP address from Discord. TLS ensures a higher level of security for each user of this platform.

According to most IT experts, you cannot get someone’s IP address from Discord. But this is incorrect. This can be done if you know how to calculate the IP address of the user you are interested in or if you use a program that does it for you. This article provides the most popular methods for finding someone’s IP on Discord.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are extremely popular. There is one app that is slowly taking the spotlight, it is called Discord. In 2015, Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy created Discord with the goal of communicating with anyone around the world and playing video games with them.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the motto of Discord was changed in 2020. The company introduced server templates that allowed users to join several types of communities and establish connections.

From 2017-2020, the number of users worldwide increased from 45 million to over 300 million as a result of the change in objective. There are over 150 million monthly active users. Teenagers nowadays spend a lot of time on Discord.

Due to the increased connections in Discord, people now want to obtain one another’s IP addresses just as they did in the old days when they wrote to each other asking for addresses. You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how to obtain an IP address.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to find someone’s IP address through Discord.

Is it Possible to Find Someone’s IP Address from Discord?

Following a few steps, you can obtain an IP address from Discord. However, it isn’t possible to do so directly from Discord since the app maintains privacy using TLS.

One often wishes to obtain a person’s IP but is unable to do so for various reasons. Most people believe that Discord hosts its own server, so obtaining IP addresses from Discord is virtually impossible.

However, there are possible ways to obtain the IP addresses of the people you are interested in. We will discuss three methods to get a Discord IP address finder.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address in Discord

1. Grabify IP Logger

Most people find out their IP addresses by using IP grabbers. We’ll take a look at Grabify, a popular IP grabber.

How to find an IP address from Discord using Grabify:

Step 1: When you open the Grabify IP Logger Website on your browser, it will ask you to enter any valid URL.

Step 2: Enter any website or funny video link in the given box and tap on the Create URL button.

Step 3: There will be a pop-up box asking for your consent “THIS ACTION REQUIRES YOUR CONSENT” “I agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”, click on the I Agree and Create URL button.

Step 4: You will then be redirected to the Link Information Page. You need to copy the New URL and send it to the person whose Discord IP address you are looking for.

Step 5: If you want to learn more about a Discord user, such as screen origin, ISP, user agent, browser name, and Windows version, enable the Smart Logger option.

Step 6: Send the IP tracking link to the Discord user and start the chat.

Step 7: Grabify will display the IP address of the targeted person on the Link Information page after they click the link.

The IP address can only be obtained if the user clicks on the URL link you send. Otherwise, the IP address won’t be retrieved.

2. Discord IP Resolver 

Discord provides a way to get someone’s IP address in an advanced manner. You can get this information using advanced technology. Discord IP resolved helps you extract, decrypt or find any IP address.

Those of you who have never used Discord IP Resolver can follow this guide to extract the IP address using the software:

Step 1:  The first thing you need is your user ID. Join any Discord server and type /@yourusername to get the user ID. This will give you the username. Be sure to copy it for the next step.

Step 2: From your Discord account, click on Appearance under settings. Enable the Developer Mode checkbox.

Step 3: Once developer mode is enabled, go to the user’s Discord profile you need and click copy ID 

Step 4: You can paste the Discord ID of the user on the website Discord Resolver Website, after getting the Discord ID of the user. When you click on the option Resolve, the Discord IP Grabber website will display the IP address of the user.

By following these few easy steps you can easily get the IP address of a user on Discord IP Resolver.

3. Wireshark

Since 1998, Wireshark has been a powerful tool for protocol analysis, VoIP analysis, and live capture analysis. Wireshark is the best Discord IP address finder tool.

Wireshark - Best Discord IP Address Finder

To get someone’s Discord IP address with Wireshark, some technical knowledge is needed. But don’t worry; if you follow the steps written below, in detail, you can easily find the IP address you’re looking for.

Here are the steps you need to take to get the Discord IP address using Wireshark:

Step 1: Before using Wireshark, you will need to download the app. The download link can be found on the Wireshark website. From the download section, select the version that is compatible with your operating system and download it. You will then need to download an install file and install it.

Step 2: You can track almost anything with Wireshark. You can capture web pages with many options, including Discord. Wireshark can catch packages and provide information about the user, including the IP address.

Step 3: You may have to capture many sources since the computer/laptop runs a lot of processes in the background. Wireshark filters the sources for you.

Step 4: Once you have filtered the functions, you will need to make sure that Discord is on and that you are speaking to the user whose IP address you need. The IP address will be captured by Wireshark.

4. Use A Short Link

IP addresses can be obtained in this way, which is one of the most common methods. To check, you can use an IP logger or Grabify IP logger. Simple, straightforward, and accurate.

Step 1: Find a good website URL, Google doc, online image, or another online resource.  When your modified link is clicked, your target user will be redirected to this page.

Step 2: Visit Grabify’s IP logger and URL shortener website

Grabify - Discord IP Address Finder

Step 3: Insert the link in the search bar and click “Create URL”. When you accept the terms, you will be redirected to another page with more information.

Link information

Step 4:Send your intended user the “New URL” in the discord chat. Using the results below, you can determine their IP address after they click the link. For future reference, you can also copy the tracking code.

Results of Grabify

Step 5: If the link looks too obvious, you can click on “change domain/make a custom link”.

Step 6: Using the whatismyipaddress website, you can determine the region the person is from.

Step 7: Click the IP lookup option on the menu bar. Enter the IP address in the search bar once you have completed this step.

Lookup IP Address Location

5. Use Command Prompt

A command prompt is one of the easiest ways for Discord IP address finder. Windows devices often come pre-installed with it. It allows you to type commands after it has been run. The IP address will be revealed by running some codes.

Step 1: Stop all other programs and apps on your computer except your browser for better accuracy.

Step 2: Log into your Discord account on the specific discord website. This method requires the user to be online. To avoid suspicion, start chatting with the person.

Step 3: Press Windows + R. Type CMD in the Run dialogue box.

Command Prompt

Step 4: Enter ‘netstat-an’ in the command prompt dialogue box. There will be a series of long codes on the screen. At the bottom of the code, check the IP addresses that have been certified as “established”. Here is a list of IP addresses you can use to find your target.

Command Prompt Results - Discord IP Address Finder

Step 5: Copy the IP address and use whatismyipaddress to determine the exact location.


There are a variety of solutions to get a Discord IP address finder. Many people will tell you it’s impossible, but these days you can do it very easily with third-party apps. There is a free website app called Discord IP grabber that you may want to pay attention to. This tool allows you to quickly obtain a person’s IP address by grabbing their link.

Moreover, Discord IP Resolver allows you to get the IP address of a user if they are currently active. Another option is Wireshark, but it requires some technical expertise. Discord IPs might be captured if your computer receives packages from any IP with the app. A permanent ban could also be implemented by clicking the “Ban” button next to the user’s username on your Discord server.


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