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Sometimes it is important for you to know how to check account age with the Discord age checker. Have you ever wondered if an account you’re following is a bot or a real person? Are you interested in discovering your Discord account’s age? This post is for you if you were wondering how you could check someone’s Discord account age since we’ll show you how to do so.

The unified database allows gamers from all over the world to communicate with one another. You can also play multiple online games at the same time. Playing online games might seem like a wonderful experience, but it can also be quite unpleasant sometimes.

You might have trouble hearing what your rival is saying, for instance. Sometimes, you want to throw away your headsets because the voice problems are so aggravating. Communication during gaming is essential. Discord can help you with that.

The online network provides users with real-time communication so they can maintain the best game experience. Your buddies will be able to communicate with you through voice, text, and video. Additionally, it serves as a central hub through which millions of users communicate.

How do you check the age of a Discord account? Are you curious about the age of your Discord account?

Maybe you want to find out when a friend’s Discord account was created.

Note that Discord is filled with bots, such as MEE6 and Dyno. There are real users, and in order to find out when a Discord account was created, you must search for a real account.

Using LegitOpinions’ Discord Age Checker is the easiest way to find out when a Discord account was made. This guide will show you how to check when someone’s Discord account was created.

Here’s Discord age checker

Find out when the Discord profile was created by opening the Discord Age Checker. If everything is correct, you will be able to join the Discord server. Now you know when your Discord account was created; the date will be displayed next.

Discord ID’s developer mode must be active, and Streamer mode must be disabled. If you did not have this, you would not be able to see when your account was created.

Using the tool, you could determine exactly when the account was created. Anyone can use it. A few easy steps could tell you everything you need to know about a Discord user.

Steps to check someone Discord account age

  • Check the account details of the person whose details you need to check in Discord.
  • Copy the profile ID of the person whose details you need to check.
  • Use the Discord Age Checker.
  • Simply paste the id into the field provided.
  • It will display the name of the account profile and the date it was created.

Settings to check Discord account age

  • Go to your Discord profile and click on “user settings”.
  • You will find the “Streamer Mode” option at the bottom of the page. You must disable this mode.
  • Click on “Appearance” to enable developer mode.
  • A Discord account’s creation date can be found after that.

How to check age of discord

To check the age of a Discord account, you must first ensure that the Developer mode is enabled on the account and that the Streamer mode is disabled.

How to enable Developer Mode on Discord

  • Step 1. Go to User Settings (gear icon) next to your avatar in the bottom-left corner of Discord
Discord Age Checker Tutorial Image 1
  • Step 2. You need to toggle Developer Mode on in the left sidebar by scrolling down to ‘Advanced’

Discord Age Checker Tutorial Image 2

How to disable Streamer Mode on Discord

  • Step 1. Go to User Settings and select ‘Streamer Mode’ from the left sidebar
  • Step 2. Make sure the ‘Enable Streamer Mode’ switch is off
Discord Age finder Tutorial Image 3

How to check Discord account age

The first step is to copy the Discord ID of the account. If you want to check the age of your own account, you need to copy the ID of your own account. You can check the account age of other users by copying their Discord ID, which you can find on the right sidebar of Discord.

  • Step 1. Right-click on the name of the user whose account age you wish to check, and click on ‘Copy ID’.
Discord Age Tutorial Image 4
  • Step 2. Your Discord ID will now be copied to your clipboard.
  • Step 3. Open the Discord Lookup page.
Discord Lookup
  • Step 4. Enter the ID into the ID field and click on ‘Lookup’.
  • Step 5. Verify the captcha.
Discord Lookup Image 2

The website will now show you detailed information about that Discord user, such as username, badges, account creation date, and whether that user is a bot.

Discord ID Lookup

You can easily calculate the user’s Discord account age by looking at the account creation date.


What’s the minimum age limit for creating a Discord account?

For users to create a Discord account and access the Discord app or website, they must be at least 13 years old, or even older, depending on local laws.

Does Discord delete inactive accounts?

Discord does not delete inactive or old accounts


Discord subscribers can be learned a lot using this simple method. This is a great way to know when someone created their Discord account and be able to help them out.

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