How to Delete Poll on Facebook Messenger

You’ll learn how to delete a poll on Facebook Messenger in this article.

Polls are commonly associated with the old-fashioned surveys your teachers used to give out at the start of class, asking questions like “Who is your favorite teacher in school?”

The popularity of polls on social media is increasing these days. In addition to providing businesses with an insight into their audience, it also allows them to know what they really want from their customers.

It’s easy to gauge the opinions of your audience using Facebook Messenger polls. Your Facebook Messenger chatbot can create polls quickly using a poll tool. If you want to understand your audience or clients better, these are great tools.

For a complete understanding of Facebook Messenger polls, you should first comprehend the differences between them and other platforms.

Polls on Facebook Messenger cannot be used to gather opinions from the general public or from people who have not subscribed to your chatbot. Its advantage is that it allows you to communicate more closely with your subscribers via Facebook Messenger Polls.

You can follow up with each individual respondent and carry on the conversation when people respond to your poll via Facebook Messenger.

The best social media app for not only socializing and making friends but also building a brand image for your business has emerged as Facebook. As part of social media marketing and advertising, messenger polls have played a significant role. You can create a custom poll directed at your target audience and track their responses to gauge their interests.

Polls can also be used to determine how well your competitors reach out to your primary consumers. The popularity of Facebook polls is a good example of this.

Statistics and numbers from your audience are visualized firsthand and laid out for you so you can understand and influence them.

It’s common to use polls in a Facebook messenger chat room to get people’s opinions on a particular subject. Once the poll has been completed and you have all the data, the poll is no longer useful. You have the option to delete the poll if it is no longer useful.

In this guide, you will learn how to delete a Facebook Messenger Poll if you are new to Messenger.

What is a Facebook Messenger Poll?

A poll on Messenger is like a voting booth where you are presented with a question, two or more answers, and are able to select the option that best aligns with your opinion. It is possible that the poll creator will take action as a result of your response.

Polls can be created on a Facebook page or a chat room on Messenger. All followers of the page will be able to see and participate in the poll if the poll is created on the page.

However, if the poll is created within the Messenger chat room, only participants in the chat will be able to view and respond to the poll.

How to Delete Poll on Facebook Messenger

A poll in Facebook Messenger cannot be deleted or hidden from the rest of the group. Nevertheless, if you still want to remove the poll, you need to clear the group chat in Messenger.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Messenger account.
  • Find the poll you wish to delete.
  • Select the Info icon at the top.
  • Select Delete Conversation from the pop-up menu.
  • Now you can delete your polls and other messages.

How to delete poll on Facebook Messenger

On Facebook Messenger, deleting a poll isn’t always possible.

Once someone has voted in your poll, you cannot delete it, so choose your question and category carefully.

The poll will also not be deleted if you delete the entire conversation.

You should remove a poll from Facebook Messenger as soon as possible before anyone votes.

If no one has voted yet, you can delete the poll.

You can easily delete your poll if no one has voted in it by swiping left on the conversation with the poll and selecting “Delete Poll.”

How to delete poll on Facebook Messenger on iOS:

1. Install the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. You can access your profile picture by tapping the icon in the top-left corner. A list of all your conversations and polls will appear. 

3. It might be necessary to tap “See All” for some of them to appear. 

4. Swipe left over the conversation with the poll in it until you see a red button that says “Delete Poll.” Tap this button, then tap “Delete” when prompted. 

5. The poll is removed from Facebook Messenger and from anyone else’s conversations who participated in it. 

How to delete poll on Facebook Messenger on Android: 

1. Open the Messenger app on your Android device, and find the conversation you want to delete a poll from.

2. Tap and hold down on the poll message until a checkmark appears next to it, then select any other messages you’d also like to delete.

3. Once you’ve selected all of the messages you’d like to delete, tap on “Delete” in the menu at the top of your screen.

4. Tap “Delete” to confirm that you want to delete the message.

What happened to the poll option on Facebook Messenger

Facebook makes adjustments to its social network quite often. This includes tools such as polls. A polling feature was first introduced by Facebook in 2016, but it has since been removed. At the time, there was a program on which the idea to modernize Messenger and optimize it was based.

After a few years, this company decided to bring back this feature, but what is worth knowing is that the absence of polls caused a strong reaction from the public. The ability to create polls is back for many.

Many SMM professionals began to use this tool as a promotional tool after polls returned to this social network. Facebook has long been more than just a social network. In today’s world, every developing company has a Facebook page with a link to its website.

Thus, the absence of polls caused many reactions, since the public lost one of its most powerful tools. Learn how Facebook polls can be used for marketing if you aren’t familiar with this field and haven’t thought about it.

Additionally, you should learn more about how to properly create a poll in Facebook Messenger so that you don’t have to delete it later. You can do much more with this function once you understand it, both to have fun with your friends and to promote your personal brand.

What are the benefits of Facebook polls?

Facebook polls can be used for a number of reasons. Engagement is one of the most important reasons. In order to grow your page or group, this is very important. Facebook’s algorithm gives preference to content with high engagement levels after a poll increases engagement. You can also communicate with your audience through a poll.

People will be too lazy to write a detailed opinion if you just ask a question. The polls work differently, and people are more likely to participate. To create more interaction with your audience, you can create a Facebook poll in a group if you don’t know how.

Polls also allow you to get a true understanding of what your audience or potential customers think. In other words, if you create a poll in a group, you can add answer options and get results that can affect your brand development. Involve an SMM specialist in the organization of your research, which doesn’t need to be complicated, you don’t need to allocate funds and a team of people to manage it.


We hope this article made it easier for you to delete a closed or unused poll from your Facebook Messenger. The only way to delete an accidentally created poll is by deleting the chat. You can create another poll if necessary and use this tool for entertainment and development. The polls you create for your friends are a great way to develop your personal brand. Give short answers instead of questions to get the answers quickly. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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