How to Create TikTok Account Without Phone Number

You can create TikTok account without phone number. Make a TikTok Burner account for yourself! There has been controversy surrounding TikTok recently due to concern about privacy. Everyone is worried that China will get access to their private information.

You should not sign up for TikTok using your real phone number. TikTok is easy to sign up with temporary & disposable phone numbers.

Whether you call this outrageously trending and addictive video-sharing app TikTok or by its original Chinese name Douyin, it is a well-known fact that it has become a worldwide sensation amongst young people. Using TikTok, you can share mini-videos with a duration between 15 seconds and 3 minutes.

When you start watching a few humorous video clips on TikTok, you may find yourself watching clips on a variety of niches, and there are no limits.

In 2020 alone, TikTok had more than 65 million active daily users in the United States alone. Indonesia had more than 22 million users, and Japan, Russia, and India added a few million a month.

As soon as this article ends, you will take a plunge into this ocean of entertainment and sign up for TikTok. We are here to give you basic information on how to register for TikTok without a phone number.

Is it possible to create TikTok account without a phone number?

Creating a TikTok account without a phone number is possible. You can sign up using any social media account, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also create a TikTok account without using a phone number by using your email address or Apple ID.

Create TikTok account without a phone number

  • You can download the TikTok app for Android or iPhone.
  • In the bottom right corner of the screen, you will find “Me” icon.
  • After clicking the Sign-Up button, you will be redirected to your profile page.
  • You will be taken to the TikTok Sign Up page, where you can use your email address, Facebook account, Google account, Twitter account, and Instagram account instead of your phone number.
  • If you prefer to create an account with an email address instead of a phone number, tap the Use Phone or Email button.
  • For privacy reasons, you will be asked to enter your birthdate.
  • You will receive a four-digit code by email when you sign up with an active email address. Fill out the details and enter the code.

As a member of the TikTok community, you will now have access to all international Tik Tok videos. Maybe even create a few and see how it goes.

Make sure to remember your email address and password while setting up your TikTok account. The email address and password used at sign-up will serve as your Tik Tok login credentials.

One email id can be used to create only one TikTok account, but there are other ways to have multiple accounts.

Do you actually need a phone number to use TikTok?

The short answer is no.

TikTok videos can be watched without a phone number by opening the app.

Creating an account without providing a phone number is possible by signing up using any method other than your phone number or email address.

We tested sending messages without a phone number using a Google account and were able to do so. Some articles may claim that you require a valid phone number to send messages to someone on TikTok. Nevertheless, there are reasons why you may want to provide your phone number or email address.

You can use any of these other methods to sign up for TikTok, but your privacy settings on those apps and services will determine how private your account is.

In most TikTok profiles, there is an Instagram icon next to the “Follow” button. Tapping the icon will take you to the user’s Instagram account.

You’ll also be putting your privacy at risk on TikTok if your Instagram profile isn’t secure.

Phone numbers won’t appear in your user profile by default. We tested the app and found that personal details like phone numbers and email addresses aren’t displayed.

Why are TikTok verification codes important?

What is the purpose of TikTok verification codes in the first place?

New users need a verification code for TikTok as:

  • In order for Tik Tok to succeed, it needs to ensure that its users are real, not bots or fake accounts
  • Despite the fact that anyone can sign up for a TikTok account with your personal information, they won’t be able to succeed since the TikTok verification code is sent to your phone number only.
  • Having a verified phone number can be useful if you need to contact someone in an emergency or if you want to trace a suspect for law enforcement.

If you don’t have a verified online account or profile, you will need a TikTok verification code since that’s the only way TikTok can identify you.

It’s possible for anyone to try to sign up for TikTok using your personal information, but they won’t succeed . unless they have your phone number.

Is getting a TikTok verification code on your actual phone number safe?

TikTok is particularly notorious when it comes to protecting user privacy (or lack thereof) amongst social apps. According to cybersecurity experts, TikTok uses unsafe means to move sensitive personal data around. Because of this, the app has been officially banned by the US military from use.

According to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, the app is so negligent in protecting user privacy that it is “fundamentally parasitic” and “truly terrifying”.

Although TikTok verification codes protect you against identity theft, revealing your actual phone number to a social network full of strangers leaves you more vulnerable.

How to get a TikTok verification code without your phone number

In addition to the TikTok verification code, you should protect your online privacy if you choose to sign up using a phone number.

TikTok’s verification codes are obtained by using another number that:

  • Isn’t it yours?
  • The TikTok verification code will still be sent to you.


In this article, we have learned how to open a TikTok account without a phone number. We can also create multiple TikTok accounts on one device and use them simultaneously. We hope you enjoy creating, sharing, and watching bite-sized videos responsibly with this information.

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