How to Create an Edu Email Account

Are you just getting started in college? It is possible to get an email account with .edu extensions under your name. It is still possible to create an edu email account if you are not a student and feel the need to have one. You can create free .edu email accounts by reading this article.

However, even though the .edu domain extension is restricted to educational institutions, and those are mostly US-based institutions, it is justified if you consider it indispensable considering the discounts and offers it provides.

We are on our way to finding out a tried and tested method of creating a .edu email account free of charge for those of us not part of the student or faculty bodies of any US institution.

.edu domains are mostly registered by educational institutions based in the United States. Some institutions give their students or staff their own .edu email addresses. However, most students, especially that outside of the United States, do not have this type of email address.

You can get lots of discounts on software and services with these email addresses.

In this article, we will show you how to create a free email address for .edu for free in 2022 using a tested, verified, and trusted private method.

What is .edu email address?

The .edu email addresses are provided by universities, colleges, and schools to students and staff. You get a free .edu email address when you get accepted into a USA university or college. U.S. universities and colleges provide .edu email addresses most of the time.

College and university administrations use edu emails to communicate with their students. Students, faculty, and administration use these emails as an official means of communication.

Most US-based Universities and institutes provide their admitted students with free .edu email accounts. You will automatically get free.

Edu email if you are one of them. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get one as a student of a non-US-based university, especially if you are from abroad. The emails have a format in this way, For Instance–

Why create a .edu email?

The Edu email extension is one of the best email extensions to which several companies provide free services. Students only receive these emails from colleges, universities, or other educational institutions.

In addition to assisting you in getting information from the college administration, the .edu email serves as a way for students to access free services available only to students. Interested in studying abroad? Let’s look at some of the services offered to .edu email addresses.

How to create a .edu email account for free in 2022?

You will need a U.S. identity address, and social security number to create a .edu email account. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any of these. You can obtain them for free if you do not have any of these.  By clicking on this link, you will sign up, click on ‘create an account’, and then click on ‘begin creating an account’. You will create a free edu email address by entering the necessary information.

1. Github student developer pack

A Github Student Developer Pack will provide a variety of discounts and freebies. This is the biggest benefit of an Edu email account, and you can receive $1000 and more of free value with this offer.

You can easily sign up for a Student Developer Pack on Github using your edu email address; You’ll also receive a Student Developer Pack on Github, which has the following benefits: Up to $110 in Amazon Web Services credits for a total of $75-$150, Bitnami Business 3 plan (usually $49) for free for a whole year, and DataDog Pro Account, including 10 servers.

For new users, DigitalOcean gives $50 in platform credit, and Github offers unlimited private repositories (usually $7/month).

For students, Namecheap offers a one-year SSL certificate (usually $9/year) and one-year domain name registration on the .me TLD (usually $18.99/year).

Let’s get an Edu email for free as soon as possible.

 2. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has an exciting offer for .edu email addresses. The online retailer Amazon offers six-month trial accounts for prime to students, who can take advantage of several benefits, including free two-day delivery on certain products.

Special college offers are offered along with no additional shipping charges (this applies in conjunction with the prior free shipping offer).

Additionally, you can save up to 90% on textbooks and get 6 months of free Amazon Prime Video. Because of this offer, you can use a virtual credit card and will not be charged. Make sure you have a credit card to finish the process.

3. Google G Suite for education

Google offers a G Suite Education Account that provides five terabytes of storage for students.

One of the best features of having a edu email account is that you can save images, videos, ebooks, and many more without worrying about running out of storage space.

As long as you have a university-given .edu email account, you can use it. You don’t have to worry about limited cloud storage.

4. Microsoft Office and Azure

Microsoft offers a wide variety of free software, as well as discounts on various products for students and teachers with Edu email addresses. It’s easy to get free Office 365 for students.

However, it is possible to sign up for Microsoft Azure student and receive a free $100 credit for an Azure student account. Additionally, this process allows you to create an RDP account and enjoy cloud services.

5. Autodesk

Student licenses from Autodesk are highly profitable since they offer a large number of free licenses. You will be able to download the free software and licenses after registering on their website with your .edu email address.

If you already have a .edu email address, please go to Autodesk’s official website and click on “sign-in” at the top right-hand corner of the screen, then you will see a drop-down menu.

You will then need to choose the Education Community. Next, click “create account” and then select your country, education role (student), and date of birth.

After entering your credentials and a .edu email address, you will be taken to a sign-up page where you will need to enter the name of your College/University.

In the absence of a name, you can simply add it. You will receive an email confirmation from Autodesk after you complete your registration, allowing you to download the free software.

6. LastPass

LastPass is offering six months of the LastPass Premium to users with an .edu email address.

7. Newegg Premier

Get one year of Newegg Premier for $50. Sign up for a Newegg Premier account with your student email address.

8. Microsoft DreamSpark

Get a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription with Microsoft DreamSpark.

The benefits of .edu email do not stop there, there are many other benefits, such as a free domain name.

Let’s move on to the subject. How to get a free .edu email account. Please follow these steps carefully to create a free .edu email account. There are three parts to this tutorial. 

Method 1

Here’s another way for 2022 to get a free Edu email. The following method was shared by a member of our Telegram channel. We are happy to have users who share such high-quality methods/ techniques with us. You can get a .edu email within three days using this method. It may take some time to process the application due to the COVID situation.)

Without any delay, let’s move into the topic.

That’s it for this method. You have successfully applied to Illinois Central College. All you have to do now is wait for the university’s response. The University responded within 3 days and we successfully obtained a free Edu email address on the third day. I hope you will be able to do the same.

  • You can use either a paid or free VPN to get a US IP address. I used Express VPN to write this article.
  • Click this link to enroll at Illinois Central College.
  • The fields will ask for different information. In the OLD METHOD section, you will find the details to enter. Gather the details and enter them.
    Please note that the student must be at least 21 years old. Remember that when entering these details.
Illinois Central College Sign Up to Create an Edu Email Account
  •  Click on Next Step when you have filled in all the details
  • of your address. US addresses are acceptable. (You can use the Illinois address to get better results, but in this article we’re using the Florida address to demonstrate that any address will work.)
  • You are asked for some details such as your phone number and email address. Enter your own email address that you have access to. It sends all the Edu email details to the email address you mentioned, so it’s better to use your own primary email address. You can use VOIP numbers from sites like text now and Twilio instead of a phone number.
Illinois Central College Edu Email Account Sign Up
  • When you have filled out all the details, click on Next Step. You will be asked some general questions. You can use the random answers or choose the answers from the old method. (We suggest using the answers from the old method or following the answers from this article.)
Illinois Central College Sign Up for Edu Account
  • The next step is the Academic part. Choose your courses carefully. Incorrect selections may result in rejection and you won’t receive your .edu email. If you don’t get the edu email on the first try, you need to change the program and apply again. You can also change the time when you join the class. (In this example, I used a random course, as it’s not certain whether you’ll receive Edu email from the course I mentioned.)
Illinois Central College Admission Form
  • You can choose any university and any graduation year.
  • Note: Don’t allow a gap of more than one year between your application date and graduation date.
Illinois Central College Admission Form
  •  By filling out all of these details, you have completed the application process. Simply select “I certify” and click on “Submit”. It will ask you to confirm again your submission. Just confirm again by clicking on “Submit the article”.

That’s all there is to this method. You have successfully applied to Illinois Central College. Now all you need to do is wait for the university’s response. We received the University’s reply within 3 days and successfully obtained the free Edu email address on the 3rd day. Hopefully you will receive the same response from the university.

Method 2

Sixth is the Fortscott University method. COVID does not provide the edu email as their registration system must be closed during the event. Once the COVID cases decrease, you can apply to this university. This university’s email works everywhere and it’s easy to create. The university may not receive a response for up to one week.

At this moment, I am not sure if they are providing any Edu emails, but that will change soon. If you are reading this article other than 2022, you can try this. You may get an edu email. Feel free to watch the video attached to this email.

This concludes this tutorial. You have now successfully created a free edu email account. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you enjoyed it.

Method 3

  Get edu email by registering on this site.  

College of the Sequoias website
  • Click on the button “Getting Started” and then start applying NOW using CCC​Apply!​ 
College of the Sequoias - Apply page
  • You can create an account or sign in if you already have a CCCApply account. CCCApply accounts are assumed by all of you since you previously applied to any university for free .edu email addresses.
  • Check out the following screenshots if you are creating the application. Once you have registered, you can use the same save the profile.
College of the Sequoias Application
  • Next step!
College of the Sequoias Enrollment Information

Hopefully, you will see the mail within 12 hours if you followed the instructions correctly.

College of the Sequoias Email
  • After 24 hours you will get a mail and password on your edu email.
College of the Sequoias Info Email

  For your email to appear in your outlook in 12 hours, follow the steps outlined in the image. Enjoy! 


Using this guide, you will learn how to successfully create your free edu email account in 2022. Please read these instructions carefully and follow them step-by-step to successfully create your own edu email account. 

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