Course Hero Downloader – Download Files Without Login [Updated]

Are you interested in getting free access to Course Hero answers? For a quick start, you can download the Course hero downloader here. The tool does not require you to log in to download files.

Students can find study materials on this educational site to help them succeed in their studies. You can locate various study resources depending on your textbooks, school, the title of the literary work, and the subject you are studying. 

Imagine you don’t have points to unlock or a subscription to the website. You may have difficulty downloading the available files in that case. 

There is no official way to download the Course Hero file if you don’t have a Premium plan for Course Hero. However, you can download the file using a third-party Course Hero Downloader.

Course Hero files can be downloaded in a variety of ways. Alternatively, you can download the Course Hero files from the Course Hero website. Third-party downloaders or browser extensions can be used in that case. 

We will explain how to download Course Hero files without logging in.

Free online Course Hero downloader

If you are a student with teachers you will be asked to select either Student or Educator, choose the appropriate choice from this drop-down menu. Then, you should enter your school name in the box provided and click on Sign up with Email to continue. 

  • As a next step, you will be asked for your email address and username. After that, you will be asked to enter your password.
  • Please validate the captcha after you have done so, and then click on Create my Free Account on the next page to create an account for free.
  • To verify your email address, you will receive a verification email. Respond to the email to continue.

You can also sign up using your Google, Facebook, or Apple account. Sign-up can also be done from the sign-up page. Course Hero will provide you and your friends with files and documents, and you will find it helpful to know how to download them.

How can I download Course Hero for free online? If you cannot afford to pay for these documents, there are a few ways to download them for free; however, you shouldn’t miss out on them.

You can browse and download courses after signing up and logging in to your Course Hero account.

How can I get free Course Hero?

Click the link below to access the online Course Hero downloader

A Coursehero unlock document promotion is offering Coursehero users free open documents. 

Uploading quality and valuable documents to Course Hero can be a great way to accomplish this. Getting a free Course Hero to unlock the document may be possible as a reward.

  • To access the document, you need to copy its URL from Course Hero.
  • If you visit Coursehero website and search for the course of your choice, you can find your preferred URL.
  • Copy the URL into the address bar of your browser.
  • Visit and then open the web tools page on that website to download Course Hero.
  • You can access the Course Hero website by clicking the Course Hero icon in your browser.
  • Towards the right side of the window, you’ll find a Sign-Up button.
  • Click the Get Link button after copying the URL of the file into the column.
  • Follow the instructions to download the course using the Course Hero Downloader.

How to download files without logging into the Course Hero website

Are you looking for a free Coursehero file downloader? Are you still unable to locate one? Here are some effective methods for downloading Course hero files for free.

Students can download files from the Course Hero website without logging in. Please follow the steps below if you want to download files without logging into the course hero website.

The Course Hero files can be downloaded using a free Coursehero account.

Our next article will explain how to get a free Course hero account. This is probably the best method if you cannot download it for free.

Course Hero downloader Reddit using Group

You can download the Course Hero files for free using a third-party downloader (via Reddit groups). To download the files, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Course Hero website first. 
  • You must open your PC’s browser to access Course Hero. 
  • You will find the course you are looking for. 
  • You can choose the course you prefer.
  • From the address bar, copy the course URL.
  • Using the link you copied, go to the Course Hero downloader. You will be able to download.
  • The link will take you to DocDownloader. Paste the link to the file you copied earlier.
  • Once you have pasted the link, click Get Link. 

Using Telegram

The “Course Hero Unlocker” feature will soon be available in our Telegram group. We’ll email you the answer shortly. 

You must ensure that the mailbox address over there is correct in order to receive your solution via mail. Coursehero questions and your name must be entered. 

For free Coursehero files without downloader, follow the steps here to become a Course hero hack user.

Downloading files from Course Hero

To download Course Hero, you will need a premium account or unlock points. You can download the files if you have to unlock points and premium download. You can download the file from Course Hero by following these steps:

  • Log in to your CourseHero account by visiting the website.
  • Find and open the file you want to download here.
  • Click on View all pages after scrolling down.
  • As a pop-up, you will see the attached file.
  • To download the file, click on the Download button in the upper left corner.

Using CHDL extension

Course Hero can be downloaded for free using the CHDL browser extension. Here are the steps to use the CHDL extension to download the Course Hero file:

  • You can download the CHDL extension file by clicking on this link. Once you have downloaded the file, extract it.
  • The next step is to enable the Developer Mode in Google Chrome. Here are the steps you need to follow:
    • Click on the Menu icon (three dots) in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser.
    • Click More Tools from the menu that appears.
    • Activate the Developer Mode by selecting Extensions.
  • A number of additional menus will appear when you enable Developer Mode.
  • Select Load Unpacked from the menu.
  • Once you have done so, navigate to the extracted folder. Select the Min folder within the folder.
  • The CHDL extension will be installed on your browser after a few moments.
  • Go to the Course Hero website now. You can search here for the document you want to download.
  • Click on the CHDL in the context menu after right-clicking the file’s body. Click on Download this file.
  • As soon as the file has been downloaded, you can open it. The file will be open once you have completed the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get free unlock points in Course Hero?

Course Hero offers several ways to earn free unlock points. Course Hero allows you to upload a file, share it, and recommend it to others. You get free points for different activities, such as recommending or uploading files.

Can I upload files on Course Hero?

You can upload educational files to Course Hero if you are a Course Hero user. To accomplish this goal, you don’t need a premium account, as it also provides you with free unlock points.

How to unlock Course Hero documents?

Unlocked points can be used to unlock Course Hero documents. Uploading approved study material is the easiest way to claim points.

How to download Course Hero for free?

It is advisable to download files if they are available on the website. If the uploader hasn’t added any download option, you can try some third-party Course hero Downloaders or CHDL extensions.


The Coursehero downloader that works is described in this article. The following is a description of how to download the Course files.

The Course Hero Downloader and the browser extension we used to download files were discussed.  Follow any of the steps above to download the free Course Hero file.


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