How to Connect to WiFi Hotspot Without Password

Students and adults alike have tried to connect to someone’s protected WiFi hotspot at some point in their lives. In this blog, we guide you on how to connect to WiFi hotspot without password. As long as we don’t do anything mischievous that will result in negative consequences, then there is nothing wrong with doing so.

We are able to share our internet connection with people nearby thanks to advances in technology and mobile hardware. However, for certain reasons, the owner may choose to protect it with a password. Instabridge or WPS are two methods of connecting to a protected Wi-Fi. You can also connect to any password-protected Wi-Fi Hotspot by following the instructions below.

Is it possible to connect to a WiFi without password?

It is totally understandable if you are shy and don’t like asking for passwords in restaurants. Many people don’t have the time or don’t like to interact a great deal in public. Restaurants and hotels have responded to this by printing Wi-Fi passwords on their napkins, and other creative measures to help.

We have again provided you with the best/most efficient solution. It’s as simple as installing one of the two apps we’ll talk about and following the instructions to operate them. Our purpose is not to encourage you to hack into anyone’s hotspot illegally.

It’s because these apps were approved by the Google Play Store that you can use them.

Note: There are a couple of reasons why these apps are not guaranteed to work. We’ll explore them in more detail later.

What is WPS & how does it work?

WPS allows you to connect wireless devices without entering the network name or password using WiFi Protected Setup. However, why is this feature necessary? We cannot enter passwords for some wireless devices, such as wireless printers and wireless repeaters. WPS simplifies & speeds things up greatly.

The router and the smartphone will both need to be enabled simultaneously for our smartphone to connect to a WiFi network. It will connect automatically to the router’s WiFi network within a few seconds.

How to connect to WiFi hotspot without password

WiFi WPS WPA Tester

Although the above method was a little complicated, it is a very easy method. This is a great application for Android devices that can be used to crack most WiFi passwords, as well as to hack into the phone’s hotspot. Read on for more information.

WPS WPA Tester to Connect to WiFi Hotspot Without Password
  • First, you will need to download and install it.
  • The app will consequently check all the systems/hotspots adjacent to your device after it is installed.
  • To connect, select the hotspot provider.
  • To connect without rooting, select the root option.
  • Unless you want to root your device, you should select no root method. Upon selecting the type of method, you will be presented with a list of pins.
  • Tap the interface option after selecting one of the sticks from the alternatives.
  • In the event that you do not connect to the network, the application will automatically connect you to it if necessary.

AndroDumper (WPS Connect)  

It is similar to the above-mentioned device. This device also allows you to connect to a WiFi hotspot without password and rooting your phone. Simply follow the steps below to learn more.

Andro Dumper to Connect to WiFi Hotspot Without Password
  • First, you need to install the app on your device and then run it.
  • You can select a network from the list by tapping the refresh button.
  • When the pop-up appears, select try the connect option.
  • You will then be able to connect to the network after the app attempts to associate with it.


Another app that can be used to connect to a WiFi hotspot. Read on for more information.

WPSPIN to Connect to WiFi Hotspot Without Password
  • Installing the app is the first step.
  • The app will automatically search for hotspots or networks nearby when it scans for them.
  • Note down the 8-digit pin offered by the app after you have selected the Wi-Fi Hotspot that you intend to connect to.
  • You will be connected when you use this pin instead of the password to connect to that network/hotspot.



Step 1. Download and install Instabridge

Instabridge app

It allows users to share passwords for Wi-Fi networks that they’ve connected to, then displays a map of all of these access points to other users. Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved.

Step 2. Configure your preference

Instabridge application

Instabridge requires that you complete a one-time setup process when you launch it for the first time. You must first tap I am new, then review and accept the Terms of Service. Once you have verified your phone number, you will be able to use Instabridge. By doing this, your friends can find you and connect to your shared Wi-Fi networks.

Instabridge app message

As soon as you share your phone number, a text message will come to your phone and Instabridge will automatically detect it. After that, you will see a button in the upper right-hand corner where you can click Done.

Your next step will be to review your settings and then select the network you would automatically connect to, such as My own networks, Friend Networks (networks shared by friends), and Community Networks (networks shared by other users).

Step 3. Add your Wi-Fi Networks

Instabridge app working

Using Instabridge will make finding free Wi-Fi very easy. The third tab (the one with the Earth icon) on the app’s main screen is all you need to start. The grey dots represent public Wi-Fi connections that require payment or restrict access in some way. You can use the pink dots to identify open Wi-Fi connections that are free to use. You can navigate within range of the signal by tapping any of the dots, and you will be taken to Google Maps.

Using a QR Code

Use QR codes instead of WPS Wi-Fi networks whenever you need to access someone’s network. QR code method requires some technical knowledge and is a bit involved. Some routers have QR codes on the back or bottom, usually near the SSID and default password. It is important to note, however, that this method only works for SSIDs and passwords that are factory-set. Newer routers may have QR codes for DPP/Wi-Fi Easy ConnectTM connections rather than WPS.

Users who change the router’s SSID name or password will no longer be able to use the QR code. In spite of that drawback, smartphones and tablets usually use this method because laptops usually do not have QR scanning devices.

Using Router’s QR Code to access someone’s Wi-Fi

  1. Open the iPhone camera app and go to “Settings.” Make sure QR code scanning is enabled, then proceed to Step 3. Continue to Step 2 if you are an Android user.
  2. Download a QR code scanning app for Android.
  3. You can scan the QR code on the back of the router using either the QR code app on Android or the camera app on iPhone/iOS.
  4. When you connect to the Wi-Fi network, a banner or notification should appear. By tapping on the Wi-Fi SSID, you will be able to connect to the network.


Now that you know about almost all the tools you can use for hacking Wi-Fi hotspot passwords, you can walk around and just connect wherever you want. One of the easiest ways to how to connect wifi without password are the above-mentioned techniques.  It is important to remember that none of these techniques should be used for illegal purposes

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