How to Get Chegg Free Trial Step by Step Guide

Do you want to get Chegg answers for free as a student? There is a trial method for you. In this article, we will show you how to sign up for a free Chegg trial. Let’s first learn a little bit about Chegg before we learn Chegg trial method.

How does the chegg trial work?

Chegg’s trial is four weeks long. You get 30 minutes of free tutoring with the Chegg trial. Chegg’s textbook database is also available to you for seven days exclusively. This means you can choose any subject and get an online tutor to clear your doubts. More importantly, you get access to over 2.5 million solutions to any problem. All of these solutions include step-by-step directions to make learning comprehensive.

You can also post questions in the Question & Answer section in addition to textbook solutions. Your question will be answered to the best of their ability by our team. Especially for studious kids, it is a good platform with a free trial.

Is it possible to share the Chegg trial?

Logging in with your account is possible from any platform without any problems. There are many free accounts that you can share if needed. However, your personal Chegg account should not be shared. You can share free Chegg accounts.

Chegg subscription plans

Product & ServicesPricing
Chegg Study16.95 $/month
Chegg Math Solver9.95 $/month
Chegg Writing9.95 $/month
Chegg Tutors 48 $/month For 120 tutoring min
96 $/month For 240 tutoring min
30 $/month For 60 tutoring min
Chegg Subscription plans

How to get a free trial of Chegg

Let us now explain how to get Chegg trail step by step. Follow these steps to get the trail:

STEP 1: Go to Chegg’s official website and click on the Study section.

STEP 2: There is an option called “Try Chegg Study“, click on that.

STEP 3: Create a Chegg account with your Gmail username and password.

STEP 4: Choose one of Chegg’s popular plans, and then click continue.

STEP 5: Chegg Court is extremely popular with college students. The textbooks can be delivered directly to you. With Chegg’s 21-day return policy for actual books and the potential cost savings, the company should check into it.

Is it possible to get a free trial of Chegg without a credit card?

Chegg’s free trial can be signed up for with DoNotPay’s help without using a credit card!

Most companies do not notify you about canceling a subscription before the free trial ends, so it is easy to forget to do so. Every time you sign up for a free trial and forget about it, your card gets charged for the subscription. Because of this, 84 percent of Americans underestimate how much they spend on subscriptions. 

By using DoNotPay’s virtual credit card for free trials, you’ll avoid losing those extra $20, $30, or more dollars a month. A temporary credit card number is generated that isn’t linked to your bank account. There will be no funds on the card at the end of your free trial, so the subscription service will not be able to charge you. 

  • It generates random credit cards for you.
  • Approved on free trial pages.
  • Prevents charges after the trial period is over.

You can get a virtual credit card for free with DoNotPay . Register now! you can visit also DoNotPay website.

Is there a free trial available for Chegg Tutors?

Unfortunately not. You can try Chegg Tutors out before subscribing if you wish. Below are the pricing and subscription options:

Plan TypeMonthly Cost
Chat Lessons (one lesson)$10.95 per lesson
Chat Lessons (subscription)$19.95 per month
Video Calls (subscription)$30 per month
Chegg Tutors

Is there a free trial for Chegg Textbook Solutions?

It doesn’t exist in its own right. Chegg Textbook Solutions are included with Chegg Study and Chegg Study Pack subscriptions. So, if the Chegg Study subscription has a free trial, you’ll also get Textbook Solutions.

Chegg Textbook Solutions allows you to get help with homework and solve problems from various subjects step by step. It provides access to 25 million homework solutions and answers.


I hope you understand how to get a free trial of Chegg. Comments below will be answered as soon as possible if you have any questions about Chegg trial. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and classmates.

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