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Sometimes, we want to know How to Check Missed Call When Phone is Switched Off because we are busy in our private space. We all need some me-time, away from our phones. If you want to get rid of the constant headaches, turn off your mobile and spend time with your loved ones. What if you get a call from work or an emergency when your mobile phone is off? Would you know if someone called you when your phone was off? That’s why we wrote this Article with various Methods to Check Missed Calls on your phone.

It is impossible to determine if someone called you when your phone was off. That’s because missed calls are those that are sent to your phone, but you were unable to answer. As soon as you use your mobile, you receive a notification for these missed calls.

Those who have turned off their mobiles will not be able to access this setting. That’s because the person calling you will get a message saying “The number you are calling is disconnected”. So, you don’t receive the call in the first place, which means there is no way to receive a notification.

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How to check missed calls when phone is switched off?

Activate Missed call notification

You will receive missed call notifications even when your phone is switched off if you enable missed call notifications. Here’s how to change your calling notification:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab.
  • Click “notifications”.
  • Click “phone app”.
  • Select “missed calls”.
  • Turn on notifications.

You can also activate the settings that show you who called when your phone was off using the unique code provided by each network provider. Dial *321*800# to activate these settings.

To enable reminders 

  • Return to the Notifications page
  • Scroll to the bottom, and tap Notification reminder
  • By scrolling down, you can choose the Phone app and toggle on or off for all apps

To activate Contacts notification:

  • Follow these steps to activate the Contacts’ notification:
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • and select Apps
  • then select Contacts
  • Next, select Notifications
  • Finally, activate the Contacts’ Notification by sliding the mouse 

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Activate Vodafone

  • Dial 12384 for missed call alerts.
  • Using USSD – 888810# – you can receive Miss Call alerts.
  • Type and send ACT MCI to 144 to receive a prepaid missed call alert.
  • SMS miss call alert for postpaid customers – Type ACT MCI and send it to 199.


You will receive a notification if someone calls you while your mobile data is on if you have the Truecaller app installed. However, your phone must be on for this to work. You will still receive the Truecaller notification if they dialed your number incorrectly and disconnected before it rang.

However, this does not work if your mobile is off. Therefore, the only way to get a list of missed calls when your mobile was switched off is to activate the service. Activate the service by entering a specific code.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties to know missed calls when the phone is off. A more plausible solution would be suggested by our technical team. For more helpful tips and tricks, you can also subscribe to our feeds.

Tip: You can also find out who called you when your phone was switched off by subscribing to your network provider’s missed call alert service.

If you want to know how to see missed calls for your Airtel number when the phone is off; You can activate this service on your Airtel number by dialing *321*800#.

Dial *321*883# to deactivate the missed call alert service


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