How to Change Date on Instagram Post (Backdate Instagram Post)

What is the best way to backdate Instagram post? Once the photo has been uploaded, it can’t be edited after it’s been uploaded, but other parts, such as the caption and the image Alt text, can. You can change the date by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the post. Tap Edit Post. After that, select Change Date. Tap the Edit Post button if you want to alter the time or date.

You post some pictures of your explicit adventure on your Instagram profile, and someone who might have a problem with it follows you now. Would you do anything differently? If you’re close to this person, which we assume you are, you can’t wait forever to accept their request, right? I don’t think so.

If you could change the date on that post, so it poses less of an issue to them, that would be great. Today we’ll talk about that in our blog.

Learn how to backdate Instagram post or change the date of Instagram posts by reading until the end.

Can you backdate Instagram post?

It is not possible to backdate an Instagram post, and we will explain why. If you want to edit any Instagram post, you can only edit the parts you manually enter. This is because Instagram only allows you to edit what you manually enter. For instance, take your caption; you can edit it any time you want, anywhere, any way you like. As well as tagging and untagging other users, editing or deleting your comments, adding location, etc.

A post’s time and date are automatically recorded by Instagram’s servers and cannot be altered in any way. As such, we do not intend to leave you high and dry.

Our team is unable to assist with this specific problem, but we can certainly suggest alternatives that may partially or fully accomplish your goals.

Alternative ways to change Post date on Instagram

As you can see, changing the date of an Instagram post isn’t an option for you. It is also possible to remove the date of a post in other ways if it is a problem for you. If you’re having trouble solving your problem, check out these alternatives:

1. Delete the post & upload it again

You should delete a particular post you have uploaded on Instagram as soon as possible if someone in your follower list notices its date. Afterward, you can re-upload it. We will discuss how to do that in the next section.

In order to delete an Instagram post, follow these steps:

Step 1: If you haven’t already done so, open the Instagram app on your smartphone and sign in.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon (a thumbnail of your profile picture) to access the Profile section.

Step 3: You’ll find all your posts in a grid under your profile picture, bio, and highlights on the Profile tab.

Step 4: Tap the three-dots icon positioned at the top-right corner of the post (near your username and location) when it’s displayed in full view.

Step 5: The floating menu will appear on your screen shortly after you tap on it, displaying multiple actionable options. It would be right at the top of this list to select Delete.

When you tap it, a confirmation message will appear so that you can confirm whether you wish to proceed. Your profile will be deleted once you tap on Delete again.

Deleted Instagram posts are no longer permanent and irreversible, as they once were. If you delete a post today, it will be removed from your profile grid for 30 days, but it will remain in the Recently Deleted folder. This folder can be accessed if you decide to change your mind about deleting it and want to recover it between those periods.

Have you decided whether to re-upload the post to your profile now that it has been deleted? The process is quite straightforward, and if you have posted anything on the platform before, you would be familiar with it. If you re-upload this post now, it will display today’s date; so, if you are fine with that, go ahead and do it.

2. Archive the post

Archiving this post is the best option if you don’t want your followers to see the date it was posted on and don’t want to delete or re-upload it. You can remove the post for as long as you want from your profile. Here is a quick guide to archiving a post if you haven’t done it before.

Step 1: If you haven’t already done so, open the Instagram app on your smartphone and sign in.

Step 2: The first tab you’ll find is Home. To open your Profile tab, navigate to the thumbnail of your profile picture in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Your posts are arranged chronologically (from oldest to newest) when you open the Profile tab.

Click on the post you wish to archive in this grid to view it fully.

Step 4: When the post is displayed on your screen in full view, you’ll see three dots next to your username and location in the top right corner. You can view a floating menu by tapping it.

Step 5: The Archive option would be located at the bottom of this floating menu. If you are prompted for confirmation, tap the archive button to archive your post.

How to change story date on Instagram

You can still change your story date with a few tweaks, just like you can change your post date. To use the second option, you might need to download a third-party app, as the first method allows you to make tweaks directly within the app.

1. Delete it and upload it again

It is possible to delete and repost a post if you posted a few hours ago and would like to convince your viewers (those who didn’t see the previous posts) that you recently made it.

As Instagram stories last for only 24 hours, this method won’t be effective as it would be with posts. It’s also illogical to delete stories from days ago, since they will have disappeared by then.

However, archiving your story will still allow you to access it after it has disappeared. The archive allows you to post again if you wish.

When using this method, be certain that the post hasn’t yet disappeared, or archive it to access it after it’s gone. If you delete or remove the post, and then repost it, you will be able to convince new viewers that the post was made recently.

2. Use third-party app to add a Time and Date stamp

Many Instagram users can be convinced that a post is from a certain time and date if you include them yourself. The time and date of posts can be overlooked sometimes when we check posts absentmindedly.

If you edit your story with a third-party app before posting it, many will think you updated it at the same time. To add a date stamp to your image or video, you can use iPhoto on an iPhone or any other photo editor on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you backdate Instagram posts 2023?

Backdating Instagram posts is possible up until 2020. You can do this by opening the Instagram app and selecting the post you’d like to backdate. In the top right corner of the post, tap the three dots and select Edit. You can then select a date in 2020 by tapping the date at the top left of the post.

How do you post to an earlier date on Instagram?

By using Instagram’s “Story” feature, you can post from a previous date. The Instagram app can be accessed by clicking the “Story” icon at the top left corner of the screen. You can then click on “Create Story” at the bottom left of the screen. In the top left corner of the screen, click the “Photo” icon and select the photo you want to post.

How do you backdate a story on Instagram?

You can backdate a story on Instagram by opening the app and swiping left to the “Stories” section. Select the date and time of your story by tapping the “+” button in the upper-left corner. Click “Share” after you’ve added your photos and videos.

How to change Instagram post date?

Open Instagram and sign in before changing the time and date. Once you’re there, click on the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. After tapping on “Settings,” scroll down to “Date & Time.” Toggling off the switch next to “Turn off” allows you to manually enter the time and date.

How do I share an old Instagram story with a date?

Using the three dots in the top right corner, you can share an old Instagram story with a date. Then tap “Share as Post.” Choose the account you want to share it as and enter the date in the caption.


We have completed our guide on how to backdate Instagram post. There are a few indirect ways to change the time stamp, though there is no direct way to do so. I hope this guide helps you change the date of an Instagram post.


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